The much hyped Samsung Galaxy S3 apparently saw a mixed response just after its release. In spite of having great features and matching up to the level of Apple’s iPhone and its competitors like HTC and Nokia, the smartphone does have some drawbacks too. It has definitely generated a craze amongst the users whereas there has also been disappointment among the users in various parts of the globe. Here’s a list as to why you should not buy Samsung Galaxy S3.

Unreasonable Price

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is ostensibly over-priced. With a price as high as $600, this smartphone has definitely disappointed its users. You would rather opt for Apple’s iPhone 4 which offers more features than Galaxy S3 or even wait for iPhone 5 which is expected to be totally superb. The phone is so overrated that there are even hilarious jokes and comments being made every day on social networking sites about this high end smartphone. Consumers across the globe do believe that the features that the phone offers and the exorbitantly high price are a complete mismatch.


Samsung Galaxy S3’s design brings a lot of disappointments.

The design of the Galaxy S3 looks plastic which clearly does not give you an expensive feel while handling the phone unlike its rivals iPhone and Xperia. In spite of having the 4.8 inch screen, the slim bezel looked a bit off. The phone lacks a proper flair. Samsung, as it clearly seems, did not put much effort to make the design of its flagship phone. The design makes it a bit less handy with its extra thin bezel, 3.4 inch thickness and a lack of chin at the bottom.


It might have gained victory over the brands like Nokia and HTC to become number one. However, the number one status can still not be attributed to it even after the launch of the much talked about Galaxy S3 which broke the hearts of many as it came about as a disappointment. Samsung Galaxy S3 which claims to have the most extraordinary features still lack way behind its competitors like iPhone 4S. It may have competed with the sales of iPhone provided the pricing was a bit lower.


A lot of people give the top most priority to the camera when choosing a phone. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a rather disappointing camera. It offers just an 8MP resolution while phones like Nokia Pureview offer 40M camera which also starts at a lower price. Camera resolution of the Samsung Galaxy S3 could have been way better than what is actually is.

Galaxy Note 2 about to be launched

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be launched later this month.

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is expected to be launched in October and it definitely promises its users better features in comparison with the Galaxy S3. The price of the Note 2 is expected to be around $700 which is almost same as the Samsung galaxy S3 so why not wait for a better phone to be launched. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also expected to offer more features as compared to Samsung Galaxy S3, one of them being, the unbreakable display.

S Voice – The fake Siri

S- Voice is one of the major features which lure its users into buying this phone. Samsung galaxy S3 tries to make a clone of Apple’s trademark application ‘Siri‘, an intuitive virtual assistant. S voice in Samsung Galaxy S3 seeks to voice control device tasks. It is apparently nowhere near Siri and comes as a disappointment. It is no more seen as the only reason to buy Samsung Galaxy S3 since the application is also available in other low-end Android smartphones. S- Voice proved to be, perhaps, the biggest disappointment in this high end Smartphone.

Galaxy S3 vs. Galaxy S2

This comparison might sound weird but it is inevitable to compare these two same category Smartphones, the Samsung galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3. They apparently offer almost same features and yet the difference in their prices is quite huge, as a matter of fact. At price difference of almost $150, Samsung galaxy S3 has a competitor from its own house. At a much lower price there is definitely scope for a second opinion when users even think of buying the high priced Samsung smartphone.

So what did you decide? In short, there are better phones than Samsung Galaxy S3 – Samsung Galaxy Note is one of them. In the next few months Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to release. You can try iPhone 5 too which will be launched in the month of September.


  1. Glad to see an honest review about Samsaung Galaxy S3. I already have the Samsung S2 and I don’t think I’m going to try out the S3 anytime soon.

    Nice post, Sanjib.

  2. Im gonna stick with my S2, no reason to buy an extremely expensive pseudo-update to my S2 that pretty much only has a bubblebubble watery effect in the menus.

  3. About your camera argument…. Megapixels is not what makes a good camera!. Any camera above 6MP is more than enough. That’s only a sellers gimmick. For starters, a better metric to use is the size of the sensor, that’s one of the reasons DSLR’s cameras with the same MP of smartphone cameras take better pictures.

  4. Thanks for providing this information and giving an alert to the future buyers of Samsung galaxy s3.

  5. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and at first I like it but than once the whole Hype and first time effect goes I came to realise it is overrated and would rather the Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4s, Sony Experia S or a good Windows Phone 7.5. Good thing my contract finishes next year and with Windows Phone 8 be out by then I might get one of those or a the Sony phone

    • Actually I don’t think the Galaxy S2 is overrated, it deserved to be the best phone last year. I expect a big change in the WP8 and hopefully it could compete fairly with Android and iPhone.

  6. I own a Galaxy S3 as well as a Galaxy Note, and I should say that itbis a worthy device to buy, no matter what others think about it.

  7. I personally like the S3. The 7 reasons above didn’t really say much to me. All smartphones are over priced. I don’t think I’ve ever paid full prices for a phone anyways. Good luck with finding a phone that’s perfect.

  8. i decided to go for S3 instead of an Iphone 5 so as to save a couple of hundred quid. I used an iphone 3gs up til last week. Put it this way I prefer my old 3GS to the S3…need say more?

  9. This article is probably the worst review I’ve ever seen. He claims the iPhone 4 has more features than the s3. Are u kidding me? He fails to mention one feature that makes it superior. The camera is only 8mp? What are u new to writing articles about cell phones?? The mega pixel doesn’t mean much anymore unless u are blowing up the image. I can keep debating, but u sir have failed at writing this article. Please don’t ever post an article about cell phones again

  10. Is this a joke? The S3 is a billion times better than the iphone. s beam, burst shot, the navigation. You do have a good point on s voice but thats the only negative. and comparing plastic to the iphone 4/4s?? Before the iphone 5, the 4/4s was made of all glass which you can break easily, back in the day i dropped my iphone 4 and it shattered WITH A CASE ON IT!!!! whoever wrote this honestly doesn’t know what they are talking about. And yes, the note 2 is out now which is what im using now but its way to big for my hands and im trading it for the galaxy s 3 tomorrow.

  11. hey plz……..i dont know how much apple has paid to this ………..galaxy s3 is the world class mobile phone ………can u plzz tell the features of iphone 4 which r better than s3 .lolzzzzzzz……\

    plz s3 nd note 2 rocks all d way