No SIM Card Error on HTC One

Update: The trick also works on the new HTC One M8

The HTC One is a beautifully designed device and this is almost the first time we see a device that overcomes Apple’s iPhones in terms of design. I couldn’t understand why the HTC One couldn’t sell as much as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 but now I totally get it.

Apart from the defects I mentioned in the HTC One review, I just figured out another issue with the phone. It is another manufacturing issue.

The One worked well in the first 2 weeks but then suddenly I got the no SIM card error. The phone couldn’t detect my T-Mobile SIM card even though I placed it very carefully on the SIM tray.

I tried removing and inserting again but it didn’t work. Then I followed some guides on the Internet, I turned off the Fast Boot option, then restarted, still no SIM card detected. Another guide told me to reset the device, I did but it didn’t solve the problem as well.

Although those solutions didn’t work, they helped me figure out that the problem is probably caused by the connection between SIM card and the device. I used a brand new T-Mobile SIM card and insert to the HTC One but it still can’t detect the SIM card.

Then I remembered a trick I did on my old phone when it had the same issue. Amazingly, it solved the No SIM card error immediately. Here is what I did:


I applied a layer of transparent tape (or two, depends on its thickness) on top of the SIM card, then I cut the tape so that it fits to the card. Insert to the HTC One and the SIM card is detected now.

It is that simple. The problem is caused by loose connection between the SIM card and its contacts on HTC One.

This is really a significant build issue and I am very disappointed with the HTC’s flagship phone. HTC’s phones always have problems in quality control and I saw a lot of complaints about this error.

Hopefully you guys will find this post useful. Let me know if you have the same problem on your HTC One.


  1. says

    Wow!!! How could a big manufacturer like HTC can launch such device with this kind of defect. Surely it will cost them a lot of customers

    • cephas says

      thus wonderful, thank you it worked i had a similar problem. you are a star better htc give you a job. thank you again

  2. Tom mason says

    I’m on sprint and this has happened to me. Sometimes with only a notification and other times with no Internet

    • Johnny says

      Mine isn’t reading at all, with tape, no tape, nothing. I called HTC and they have me a SIM card replacement tray. Just the part that goes into the phone itself. They said that should fix it, if not, they said contact them back and they will order for a repair on the phone. We will see in about a week when the tray gets here.

  3. Morsalin says

    I have also have the same problem. I also tried to put layers of tape but it doesn’t read the sim card. Please help me. Give me a solution.

  4. Mo says

    Thank you, Thank you, it worked I am over the moon.I have spent hours messing about with this phone. HTC have let themselves down on overlooking such a minor fault Its such a shame.

  5. Ken Alexander says

    I’ve had the same problem. First occurred a couple of weeks after getting the phone. After several times of happening I contacted HTC who suggested doing a factory reset or getting a replacement Sim card. I got Virgin to send a new card after a reset failed to work. New card seem to sort for a while and then it started to happen again. Taking the card in and out always seemed to solve the problem for a short while and I was coming to the conclusion it had to be something to do with the contacts. I’ve just gone 3 weeks without any problems and then today it happened again. In desperation I did a web search and found this which confirmed my suspicions. I will try this tape trick starting with one layer at a time. Thanks for the info and it’s very poor bit of design on what is a £500 mobile.

    • Tuan Do says

      HTC always has problem with build quality. I was also so disappointed. I thought it was my error and bough a new SIM card but it still didn’t work. Let me know if the trick works for you.
      Good luck.

  6. Tamara Starbuck says

    You’re a genius!! Thank you thank you thank you!! This SIM card issue rendered me unable to make an urgent call..I had to seek out a neighbor to borrow a phone…otherwise the phone is ok

  7. joy says

    I dropped my HTC one and now it says there is no SIM. I tried inserting another Wilbur same thing, no SIM insrted. is it because I dropped it ? :/ so frustrating !

    • Kevaris Wesby says

      Yea i dropped my phone today and now it says no sim card. Now dont get me wrong ive dropped my phone only a few times since i got it and now its not working. Could it be that i dropped it or is that my phone is picking up a common mistake?

      • Squirrel says

        Today my htc phone got driven over by a car, it was just towed in a robust leather bag, but somehow sim card stopped working after that. I can use phone, but have no network, simcard seems not to be detected.

        Is it possible that the sim card is more fragile than the phone?

  8. Paul says

    Thank you! I started having the problem with my One-X in the last week.
    I just used to re-insert the card, reboot and it would be fine for a few hours or so
    then fail again. I googled the problem and found this page, tried
    your advice, one layer of sellotape and no errors in the last 3 days so far!
    This sort of thing should not be happening on a phone of this quality and price..

  9. lavan says

    I encountered this problem for thé first time after having used this phone for several months. I tried the tape trick using one layer only with no success. However after using four layers it now works! Thank you! I shudder to think what would have happened if this had occurred during an emergency and I didn’t have scotch tape on hand.

    • Tuan Do says

      You can find the SIM card tray on the left side where there is a small hole. Just use the SIM ejection tool or a paperclip to push into the hole and the tray will be ejected.

  10. Saad says

    I have HTC First and same problem “NO SIM CARD” I applied two layers of transparent tape and insert sim card … its work dude .. thanks to sharing ur idea.

    HTC Team,
    You should work on it..

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