The new Apple iOS6 introduces plenty of new features, 200 if you believe in their words. It could have brought some fun for iPhone 5’s users if Apple didn’t make a stupid mistake by ditching the Google Maps and replaced with their own Apple Maps application.

The app was announced in June by Apple as they want to end the deal with Google which had been in place since 2007. In fact, it was bring a lot of promises with features like improved graphics and photo-realistic interactive 3D views. It was good until people get first hands-on iPhone 5 and iOS6. Apple Maps application is far behind the service from Google.

There are a huge number of complaints all over the world on Apple’s support forum and most of them are disappointed with misplaced, incorrectly named and lost landmarks. Ireland’s minister for justice has even called the app ‘dangerously misleading’ as he discovered a Dublin farm is labeled as a working airport. Users almost can’t use iPhone 5 properly for navigation, finding transit directions or just simply finding a landmark. In many parts of US, Europe and Asia, the Maps is even completely blank. Majority of cities and towns in China even don’t have anything.

This is horrible and the result is many iPhone 5 orders have been cancelled in the last few days.

Tomtom, the Dutch satellite navigation company providing data for Apple Maps, told that it is not responsible for the disaster. Tomtom’s task is just supply the maps and Apple must be responsible for the imagery. Tomtom is providing mapping data for Research In Motion, HTC, Samsung, AOL and Google as well, so Apple should not blame it for the serious mistake.

If you are wondering how Apple is responding to the issue, they pointed out that they are sorting out and as Apple Maps is a cloud solution, it will be improved by time and users’ reports. So, we are paying $700 to become an Apple’s beta tester, sound reasonable?!

While waiting for Apple to sort it out, let’s take a look at some ridiculous screenshots from Apple Maps.

Navigation from green point to the red point.
A blurry mix of Summer (Klosters) and Winter (Davos) in Switzerland.


Apple is moving Aukland Station to the habour.
Brooklyn Bridge in New York.
The Bean in Chicago is melted down.



  1. It will probably just take a few months to add the roads and landmarks… After all its brand new. Is it that critical to see specific things on a map? All you really need is accurate directions anyway. Overtime it will be just as good as Google Maps. Im sure of it

    • Yeah over time but we just don’t know how long it will take. Google Maps takes 10 years to be completed. Maps is a very important app nowadays and Apple should allow Google Maps app on their devices. Customers should have more choices.

      • I guess thats true having the option would be nice. I still want to Iphone 5 though ive been trying to get mine all weekend.

  2. The nursing home picture is a result of Yelp’s outdated data – they are the slowest to remove outdated locations. When a new location is added, there is rarely an immediate replacement. Adding a new location and removing the old one are two separate unrelated tasks in their database

  3. for me, if Apple want to use their map, Apple should not remove google maps before their own map really ready for apple user. This is disaster for Apple brand. many complaint about this matter. Apple should on hold to release apple map until it ready to release

    • I agree with your point, Juan.
      Apple is kind of evil after Steve Jobs’ death, we don’t see they launch awesome products anymore. Just running after lawsuits to beat its competitors while not caring about its own products. The Apple Maps is an obvious proof for that.

  4. Apple could have atleast included roads in the app before making it available with iOS 6. As for now, Google Maps is the monster in this field.

    • Yeah, it is difficult to replace Google Maps at the moment. Today I see Google is releasing the Sea view which allows underwater exploring as well. That is amazing.