The iPad3 is expected to be an amazing device that will be released next year and predicted to rock the tablet world. An anonymous employee for Apple had previously stated that we should ‘make a song and a dance’ about the iPad 3. The iPad 3 has become the most anticipated gadget that is about to enter the market.

Update: The new iPad has been announced but it is not called the iPad 3, Apple calls it the new iPad. The new tablet will come with a new, faster A5X processor which is 4 times faster than the previous iPad. This is actually the modified A5 chip from the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, Apple paired the CPU with an improved quad-core graphics processor to the chip. Check out the detailed comparison between the new iPad and iPad 2 tech specs.

Many people expected that Apple would add Siri, the digital personal assistant, but they didn’t. However, they added voice dictation feature for the new iPad, we can use this feature to write messages, take notes or search the web.

The new iPad features a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution display, it qualifies as a retina display as it has a dpi of 326. Besides, the improved camera first introduced on the iPhone 4S has been added to the iPad. The 5MP camera has built-in image stabilization and can shoot video in full 1080p HD resolution. The front 0.3-megapixel camera is used for FaceTime video chats and some lower resolution photos.

Another notable feature is the new iPad will get faster 4G available from AT&T and Verizon. Apple also introduced new updates to the iMovie and GarageBand for the iPad.


The new iPad doesn’t really meet our expectations. Check out the iPad 3’s features that was expected from the iPad 2:

1. The Camera

A camera with a flash had been predicted for iPad 2, but unfortunately never happened. Rumor has it that the iPad 3 does have one. iPad 2 does have a camera that is of high quality, but is missing the flash. How will iPad 3’s camera with a flash compare to iPad 2’s camera without?

2. The Processor

The iPad 2 became a top contender in the tablet war because of its specs featuring 900MHz dual-core ARM Cortes-A9 processor, Apple A5 chipset & PowerVr SGX543MP2 GPU.

The iPad 3 is about to introduce itself to an astonishing number of consumers and rumor has it that it will be sporting a ‘Quad-Core Processor,’ probably the A6. That processor would make the ipad 3 just as powerful as the high-end pc’s available.

3. The Operating System

ipad 3 vs ipad 2

When iPad 3’s OS is outlined, we could see a major change. iPad 2 is powered by an iOS 4; it is rumored that the iPad 3 will move into the next-generation, the iOS 5. The rumors for iPad 3’s OS become even more interesting. It has also been said that the tablet will run OS X. Therefore, if the previously mentioned quad-core processor is actually launching, the chances are high that Apple will also launch OS X Lion for the iPad 3.

4. The HDMI

Apple previously launched HDMI playback in iPad 2. However, this was not without complications. It was necessary for the user to purchase an additional digital AV adapter for $39. The much-awaited iPad 3 is supposed to eliminate the necessity for the added HDMI cable with its HDMI port.

5. The Innovative Retina Display

The iPad 2 was supposed to have the advanced retina display, however, Apple decided to utilize the first iPad’s display instead. Rumors indicate that the iPad 3 will have the improved retina display (2058 X 1536 pixels is also expected).

Other features that have been rumored on the iPad 3 are a Thunderbolt port, which is to assist in data flow and lightning fast connectivity, wireless synchronization allowing the user to eliminate the traditional wired connections. The iPad 3 is expected to have the SD card slot that is missing from the iPad 2. If the rumors are true, then Apple is going to introduce 3D into its next tablet as well.


  1. The question is will the iPad 3 have enough new features and better hardware to convince people who bought the iPad 2 to trade up? I have an iPad 2 and love it, I don’t use the camera much but wish it had a better one for when I did take pictures from it.

    The better screen resolution will certainly be better for movies and watching video plus gaming, but there still is a lack of depth to most games. If I was getting a new iPad next year or when it released I am sure iPad 3 is the way to go, but I don’t know if I would trade up so quickly unless Apple offered some sort of trade-up credit/rebate for people who traded up.

  2. […] iPad 3 vs iPad 2 in the HDMI port, apple earlier presented High-definition multimedia interface play in iPad 2. Even so, he did this not necessarily with no problems. It was necessary for the person to purchase an extra electronic AV arranger regarding $39. This much-awaited ipad 3 should really take away the need for your extra High-definition multimedia interface wire featuring its High – definition interface port. The last but not least we have comparison iPad 3 vs iPad 2 in retina display. iPad 3 appeared to be designed to have sophisticated retina demonstrate, nonetheless, Apple mackintosh thought we would use the very first apple iPad display as a substitute. Rumors point out that this ipad tablet three could have the actual much better retina show (2058 x 1536 pixels is likewise likely). Additional features that have been rumored on the apple company ipad three are a Bombshell dock, which would be to assist in facts stream and turbo fast on-line, handheld synchronisation allowing the person to reduce the standard wired contacts. The particular ipad tablet several is anticipated to offer the SD card slot that is absent from the iPad 2. If your gossip are true, and then Apple might add a model in 3d into subsequent tablet also. [Via Techno Walls] […]


    • Absolutely, you won’t get disappointed if you can wait for more 3-4 months. iPad 3 is expected to bring some great new features and tech specs.

    • “Seeing that everythinh gets better day by day. I ll just wait for the iPad 10. Jokes;)”


  4. same here. my money is enough to buy that ipad2 but still hesitating to have that cause ipad 3 is coming to town lol…. but i have to wait for how many months im waiting for the retina display which is in ipad3.. merry christmas to all of u guyz

  5. The Ipad 3 main feature is the retina display HD screen which is phenomenal nothing quite like it in the market today. The screen literally pops out at you. besieds that its pretty much same as the Ipad 2

  6. The retina display is the major boost here.But it is better to note that the same was there in the market before. Only the name changed. I would personally prefer iPad3. Nice comparison here!