Many individuals this year have Mac computers on their list of must have devices for the holiday season. However, with the amount of choices available for perspective Mac buyers, it can be hard to pick the right Mac for you. Today, we’ll take some time to explain which Mac model is best for you. From the college student to the family of four, there is a Mac computer for both of you and everyone in between.

The Beginner’s Mac

Most individuals don’t use the word powerful and entry-level in the same sentence. However, the Macbook Air is the device that accurately can use both adjectives.


The Macbook Air allows the individual to take advantage of the laptop’s thin portability without skimping on performance. The Macbook Air’s size also makes it ideal for the college student who must lug around his laptop every day for class. Looking for the perfect computer for your mother or child? The Macbook Air is designed for the user who uses their computer mostly for word processing, web browsing, and some app downloads for your Mac, and even some light photo editing.

The Advanced Mac


The Macbook Pro is the ideal mid-level Mac user that most common consumers will find sufficient for their needs. The ideal Macbook Pro user will find the iMac too large and importable, the Macbook Air too simple and less powerful. The Macbook Pro user revolves much of their day around their laptop computer. Their daily routine may include looking at news on their laptop, getting work done on it, doing video and photo editing, multiple video chats, and more. Any user on the fence about getting the Macbook Air or the Pro should think no further and save the extra money to get the Macbook Pro. The Pro is the perfect “safety” laptop, a choice that you wouldn’t regret, making it the perfect invest.

The Cost Efficient Desktop Mac


Just like how the Macbook Air is the perfect entry-level Mac laptop, the Mac Mini is the perfect entry-level desktop for those interested in Mac. The Mac Mini’s simplicity and approachable design makes it a refreshing Mac Pro alternative. The small square box holds your whole digital life in about the size of your hand. Individuals looking for a Mac desktop that won’t burn a whole in their pockets will breath a sigh of relief with the Mac Mini as an available option.

The Family Mac


Just like what we mentioned before, the Mac collection offers a model for every user. This reign true even for the family users out there. The iMac is the perfect family Mac model. The iMac offers you with a more stable, desktop version of the powerful Macbook Pro. It is a nice, family friendly version of the powerhouse Mac Pro. In the past, I would have said that the iMac would have been perfect for the same reasons mentioned for the Macbook Air (except for the size factor of course), however today; the iMac is actually a viable powerful device. The amazing amount of space, processing speed, and affordable price, makes it the perfect central computer for the family. As for the single and unattached individuals out there, the iMac is still perfect for the visual arts freelancer or professional looking for a larger space to stretch their mind, outside of the Macbook Pro. The iMac is professional while still being playful.

The Mighty Mac


The Mac Pro is a beast, no question or doubt about it. For this reason, I only recommend it for the professionals and at home professionals out there. Any other individuals will only waste their money with purchasing the Mac Pro; you wouldn’t be taking full advantage of this power monster. If you want a Mac that will go well past the average Mac life expectancy, you will love this Mac. The features on this Mac, including its storage size, are unlike any other Mac on the market. The Mac Pro is the desktop there for you in the morning when getting ready for work, for when you are working, and when you’re catching up on your social networking after working. This is in fact the complete Mac.