Google Plus is the new social network by Google established since 2011. It is reported that Google+ now has a total of 300 million active users every month.

If you have been active on Google+ now, you possibly notice that the URL of your profile looks quite ugly, for example, here is my profile URL:

Google+ is now using a long ID at the end of URL which is difficult for people to remember. Here are some solutions to set username to shorten your Google+ URL so that it would be cleaner and more recognizable.

1. Google+ officially offers custom URLs

Update: Google is offering vanity URLs for verified accounts and normal accounts. You just need to type in short URLs like “” or “” to reach those pages.

Google Plus launches vanity URLs for verified accounts.
Google Plus launches vanity URLs for verified accounts.

The feature is not available widely for normal users yet. Google announced that they are introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. Google has rolled out the feature and it is available to most users. You will just need to have a profile photo, at least 10 followers and an account that is at least 1 month old. Then Google will send you an email to confirm that you’ve got a custom URL for your Google Plus profile. You will also see a notification when you log in to your account. After clicking on the button “Get URL”, you will see the following screen:


In most cases, you will have to accept the URL they offer, however, some established accounts will have to option to request a different one.

Notice that you won’t be able to change your username once you set it. You only can change its format by going to Profile -> About -> Links and choose Edit, then you will see the option like below.


Recently, Google has announced the a search-specific feature called Google+ Direct Connect. The feature gives visibility for Google Plus pages as the pages will show up when people type query in Google+ Search, for example, when people type in “+TechWalls”, they will see the icon and link to the Google+ page of the brand. To make your page eligible for this feature, you just need to install the Google+ badge on your website, read this post on custom URLs for Google+ Page for more details.

Google will determine your page’s relevancy and popularity based on its algorithms, you will be able to get a custom URL if your page qualifies. We can understand that Google encourages us to be more active on Google Plus by engaging people, updating posts regularly and driving people to add your page to their circles. You absolutely get a better chance when your page becomes more popular.

2. Google Profiles

Google Profiles is now redirecting your profile page to Google+ Profile if you have one. So you can create a profile URL like this:

However, you can set the username of your own because Google Profiles uses your Google username for this URL. This is also a drawback of this solution, you might have to create a new Google account to get your desired Profile URL.

You just need to go to this page to create your profile, then click on the option Edit your profile – Profile URL. Google will give you 2 choices of Profile URL, you can choose the one with your username and save these settings.


Update: Google don’t allow access to this page anymore, but you still can get a vanity URL using your own Google ID. So, your URL will be

3. is a service that shortens your Google Plus profile into a neat, easy to remember link. To create your shortened URL, all you have to do is giving Gplus your Google+ profile ID, it will generate an URL in the format You can set whatever name you want as long as it is still available. Here is my custom URL:


However, notice that this service is not related to Google, so you are not guaranteed to own the ID and this is also not a 301 permanent redirect.

Do you use the solutions above or any other ways to set your own URL?


    • Major Security ISSUES with this with tiny url as apposed to The requires ONLY your ID number which is not possible to create a Script or Inappropriate Links with this service!

      Consider it!!!


  1. The Google Plus option does not work… Is there something more specific to it? When I click the link, it takes me to my profile not to the page you show in the article.

    Please help.

    • Hi Cayo,
      It is because you didn’t create a Google Profile before joining Google Plus, now it is directing you to the Google+ Profile and you can’t change it anymore. If it is necessary, you can create another Google account and edit your URL then.

      • i think i am in this same situation. i can not find an option to link to my profile with my name like in your screen shots.
        I just got a google+ recently, and i have no problem with deleting my profile…recreating a profile, then re-joining google+, and then finally linking it to my profile so that i have a custom url.

        do you think this is possible/will work? i dont have many friends/followers yet because i just signed up for google+ yesterday… but i dont want to try this if it will not work.

        Please let me know your thoughts…

        • Hi Tadpole,
          I am not really sure but I guess that your solution should work. If you really want a custom profile URL, you should try it.
          Good luck and let me know if you succeed. :)

          • Hi Tuan,

            So glad I found your site!

            I have been hunting for a way to change my google profile URL name.

            I had also created my gmail and google + account and there was no way to change get a “pretty URL”. I did not like the gplus way…

            So I took the risk and DELETED my Google + account but still keeping the same gmail account.

            Then I signed in under that gmail account at

            Once in, the Profile URL showed the numbered URL but when I clicked on that, it allowed me to change and save a “pretty URL”.

            AFTER that, I recreated my Google + account.

            Then to test, I pasted the “pretty URL” into a new browser page and it re-directed to my recreated Google + account.

            YOU ARE A GENIUS – no one else seems to know this on the http://www...

            For others trying this, please note my deleted first Google+ account was still quite bare so I took the risk to try this.

            So be very careful if your G+ account is chock full of precious posts already.

            When I clicked delete G+ account, google warned that my details will be LOST. So, weigh carefully between these details and the need for a “pretty URL.

            For completeness, I must say that the “pretty URL” displays for only a couple of SECONDS and then it re-directed to display the Numbered URL. It’s not like in Facebook where the “pretty URL” stays displayed.


          • Hi Tuan,

            Pleasure meet you virtualy.Can you please help me out to set up custom url for google + ?

            I am having hard time to figured out. I juste create new google + Business page ( nitan Events).

            I though you have good experience on this, since you have the custom url, maybe you could me, that would really appreciated.


          • Sadly, I deleted my google plus account following the exact steps outlined above:
            Deleted google plus account, but kept existing gmail account active. Then tried to go to the link to try and change the numbered URL to something less ridiculous, but google keeps redirecting me to a plus page prompting to “upgrade” to google plus, with no option to “not upgrade.” Anyone else have any suggestions?

      • I cannot the option Edit your profile

        when you say:

        then click on the option Edit your profile – Profile URL. Google will give you 2 choices of Profile URL, you can choose the one with your username and save these settings.

        I cannot the option Edit your profile

  2. HI. Thanks for the useful information. I’m just exploring the Google plus and this is what I need.

  3. I tried to make my google + vanity url but it seems that google has removed this feature. I am not able to find out “Profile URL” anywhere under Edit profile.

    Please suggest me what should i do now to create a Vanity url for my Google + profile.

  4. In my Google+ profile page I see nothing at all about the profile URL. Right now I don’t care what it is, I just need to find out what it is and use it, but I can’t find it anywhere. Google is getting more and more screwed up all the time!

  5. Is it still possible to change Google Plus url? I don’t really want to use . I read Kevin Mullett from Mashable wrote:

    1) the services could redirect everyone’s URLs at a later time to a place of their choosing and there still isn’t a TOS to say otherwise.
    2) they are using a HTTP status code of 302 instead of proper 301 permanent redirect
    3) The service could just stop working, have a denile of service attack, etc etc, which is why it is dangerous, possible foolish, to use for business purposes on any profile or printed material.

    • Hi,
      If you created your username with Google Profile earlier, you still could use the old username for your Profile link. As you can see in my link above, the profile link with my username still redirects to Google Plus page.
      And yes, you are right about the gplus service, you shouldn’t use it officially because it can stop anytime. It’d better to use your own redirect such as until Google allows customizing Google Plus username.

  6. Thank you so much for this quick and easy instructional guide. Wish I would of secured some Google + domain space earlier this year but its still nice either way.

  7. I’m not able to convert my profile URL into that format… It still shows some /112065440593040890096 rather than my desired username… And, moreover i don’t see any option to change the URL now! I guess they don’t give that option anymore!

  8. i already did created a google plus profile but seems that link for editing username is no where to be found now, maybe google plus is doing some changes on their web concept

  9. Good but i am not that impressed with Google Plus… it is boring. Lets see how Google Glass Project integration with Google Plus will be in reality. I hope it will improve but chances are not much … Facebook will remain on top i am sure.

  10. i deleted my gplus profile but retained my google account, then created aa gplus profile using that email adress (clicking ‘upgrade’). and there is no option to create a custom url!
    basically i tried what Alex explained and this doesnt work for me! any help?

  11. Hi. I am glad to have found this page. I tried to set my customized url of google+ step by step according to your guidance. But interesting, I couldn’t see the same page of “profile url” on mine. I am wondering why… :(

    • Hi Malena,
      Check out the comment by Alex above. He still can set custom URL but you will need to delete your Google Plus account first. It is risky if you have already had a good network there.

  12. Used the method. Took about 1 minute. You could set your own redirect, but the one will probably keep track of any changes to the url format within google (not that they wouldn’t).

    Any recommendations on best way to track the vanity url availability within google?


  13. The following option is no more available:

    “Google will give you 2 choices of Profile URL, you can choose the one with your username and save these settings.”

    Google is no more supporting custom URL/username. It will show the numbers only.

  14. It’s just cold and clammy. Everything about Google… whatever they dream up… or screw… always… just cold and clammy.

    Don’t they ever do usability studies? Incorporate user feedback? I’m sure they do… but who the heckledoodles would ever think that a loooooooooong string of numbers would be okay with anyone. Vanity URL’s. Ridiculous. We just want to use our dang names… or something WE dream up, not them. Come on Big G! Quit with the cold and clammy stuff!

    • Hi Robin,
      Google said that probably they will charge a fee for the custom URL. Some pages have custom URLs already. At least it is free now.

  15. I am struggling with the custom URL and having read through this thread it is clear that Google has changed their approach since this thread started. What would be really useful is to see the dates of people’s comments to know how recent the information is. Can you do this Tuan? (Nov 28 2012)

    • Yes Ian.
      I will work on that tomorrow. I thought it is not really necessary because I update this post very often.
      I’ve just added the date of the last update above, it was just a few days ago.

  16. Hey Tuan,

    Thanks for some great advice…really helpful!

    Just a quick question, is it possible to change the “nickname” assigned to one’s G+ account once a nickname has already been assigned? If yes, can you please provide some details as to how I can go about doing this?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Tariq,
      I don’t think we can change the nickname at the moment. I hope we can when the feature is officially launched.

  17. Is there a possibility to have your google plus account accessible on your domain? Something like would display the content of my google plus page. Please note that I don’t want to redirect the user to a google plus page. In other words, the url should remain

  18. I was able to create a custom url for our business google+ page. We emailed support and they able to offer this to our company. Not sure if you can do this for a personal account. But if a business and you have verified your business this was an option for us.

  19. Thanks for posting this! I will be so glad when this option is finally available. I cannot stand all those numbers and I want people to be able to remember my google+ profile, especially since the rest of my social media accounts have custom urls.
    Mandy :)

  20. I tested this out on one of my profiles with nothing on it. I deleted my Google+ and went to the link you listed, but cant’ find an option to set the URL anywhere. In fact my profile looks exactly the same as it did in Google+ I thought it gave it back to me automatically, until I saw that Google+ was a suggested service. I’ll try to figure it out I guess, thanks for the article.

  21. Who said that it is possible to set a custom URL like FACEBOOK/USERNAME ?

    This is BS, it is still not possible !

    • Congrats, dude.
      It seems like Google is rolling out the custom URLs more widely. I have another page with just 12 likes and we got it as well.
      I’m looking forward to more responses to confirm this. :)

    • Congrats, Justin.
      I got the custom URLs on all my pages. I even didn’t link those sites to Google Plus and they still offered me the URLs. The feature is rolling out and it could take a while to take effect on all accounts.

  22. if i knew they would have put the Nickname behind my normal name I would never entered my nickname….

    i just want my normal name, without the nickname behind it…

    i deleted my nickname from my profile, but it still offers to change it into +nameNickname


    • Yes, Google offers the custom URLs purely based on the name you set. It won’t change even when you change name of your profile, or you will have to wait. That’s why I said this should be considered short URL instead of custom URL. We don’t have a choice.

      • Dear Tuan and other readers: can you please advise me on how long do I have to wait to get short URL updated to what is written in my “name” on G+? I got a few friends and little content, so don’t want to delete account and with 10+ years of Gmail acc I feel they couldv’e offered some choice.
        BESIDES they offer short URL in Unicode(non-Latin), I don’t want to have my URL available to only part of the world 😉

  23. Thanks for the great information. I just built my company page for My Dad Reads to Me and couldn’t figure out how to make the link look presentable. I was able to use to get it set up and customizable, while I work on followers.

  24. I dont 100% agree with this custom url. I prefer google plus because I think google is neutral and everyone have the rights to get equal opportunity. Remembering 1999 when I used to google.. I recommend it to all my friends because google is Fast and no BS in landing page. Who want to open yahoo or msn in 1999? Slow landing page…to much unimportant news…and so on.

    Microsoft never learnt from this case and create Bing which they never understand it takes time to load the background image and no secure ssl connection. Geeks .. they always use high tech gear and big money client.

    google itself was made famous by personal use. No need high texh and full speed internet to reload

    back to Google Plus…

    How about if two company in different location having similiar name.

    what makes me leave Facebook because someone took my company name but never use it. In example: his company is johndoe and my company is johndoes and he just took my company name in facebook but still use johndoe in facebook..sorry this only an example.

    I suggest google made the custom url based on location folder such as

    this will save thousands of small business around the world..and kick facebook right away.

    there one thing google forget…dont forget other gadget such as blackberry and symbian and old java. Facebook..still uses by this technology now a days. If Google make app google plus for Blackberry or Symbian..they will kick Facebook right away

  25. I have the new URL, and happy with it. But I forgot to copy down the number, and I think it’s necessary to get the Google+ Crossposting widget to work on my web site. Any ideas on how to locate that number?

    • Yes! use the Feedback tool found on the left hand side of your Plus page (hover over Profile or Home) and then Feedback in tiny grey font at the bottom.

      Send them a request to have a different custom URL and normally you’ll get something a bit better.

      You still need to meet the requirements they outlined above:
      Profile Photo, 30 day old account, 10 followers

  26. Thank for your information, now I know why my google+ profile url can’t be customized because I made it for 2 weeks ago :) . have to wait for more weeks.

  27. Dear TechWalls

    Please guide me on 1 thing. If I get a Custom URL will people be able to search my profile through the previous google plus code URL

    Since I have printed the CODE URL on my company’s profile. so if i get a custom URL now, will the printed one be of use or not?


  28. Seems to be an old Article, now you can define your own URL in GPLUS:

    Sign in to Google+. Place your cursor in the top left corner for the Google + main menu and then click Profile.
    Click the About tab, and under Links > Google+ URL, click Get URL.
    You’ll see the custom URL you’ve been approved for, which you aren’t able to change. You may also need to add a few letters or numbers to make it unique to you.
    Click the box next to “I agree to the Terms of Service” then click Change URL in the bottom left corner.
    You may be asked to verify your account using your mobile phone number. To do this, you’ll need to:
    Enter your mobile phone number when prompted, then click Send code in the lower left corner.
    Check your phone for the code that was sent to you.
    Enter that code in the box on your screen, then click Verify in the lower left corner.
    This URL will be linked to your Google+ Page or Profile, so be sure everything is exactly the way you want it. Once your URL has been approved, you cannot request to change it. When you’re certain, click Confirm choice.

  29. Hellow, I’m Having a problem, I changed my name while I was offered custom URL option after having 10 followers, after changing of my name it has been disappeared, I need to change my custom URL.. When and how can i get it., I checked many sites and option where we can find claim but I can not get it now.

  30. YES you just saved me from hours of trying to get a custom google plus they kept asking me to add digits to my brand name but the profile trick worked

  31. I am really interested to know if you change the URL, will it really improves your SEO or not? On the other hand it is good to keep it short, how about if you put the Location you are in lets say “Los Angeles” or “LA” and then Zip code after it “90013”. What do you think?

  32. Google has taken a foolish approach to this by not allowing you to edit the name at all. They are using my website without the “.” instead of my actual username. This creates a foolish shortened url of +wvupikapporg. On every other social media site it either defaults to the name I have chosen or I am allowed to edit it, allowing me to create a very consistent online presence. But, I can’t say I’m surprised as the whole Google+ experience is weird to me.

  33. I have a problem I urgently need to change my profile name due to problems that have the police active… how can i do that? it really is for safty reasons

  34. I have been searching for ways to do these, i don’t have up to 10 people in my circle yet, may be that’s why.
    Anyway great tip and Thanks!

  35. must it be at least 10 ffs?
    could that be the reason it didn’t work for my profile with 9 followers??
    please reply asap

  36. Now it says that I need to upgrade to gmail for creating a username for my page, any way to do it otherwise?

  37. sir i am not able to open my g+ page whenever i click on it it says 404 eror ..The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know ,, what should i do get my page back ,,,pls help me

  38. How to get custom URL.

    This mornig i got the option to get custom url but whn i clicked on it… it’s giving me an option to get the url as….. and after my name it’s asking me to add something else as well as it’s a common name. Now I don’t wanna use my name at all in my profile url, I want to use something else…. Can someone please help me how to do that?