Install Windows 8 on MacBook with BootCamp

The Windows 8 Pro was available for install/upgrade on Oct 26 and many users are trying to install the new Microsoft OS on a virtual machine.

They had many difficulties in the process because using Windows 8 in virtual machines can’t take advantages of your hardware and the OS will perform poorly. That’s why I introduced a way to install Windows 8 and dual boot with Windows 7/Vista. However, if you are using a MacBook, how could you try the new OS?

Bootcamp is an Apple’s application that allows running Windows on your Mac at native speed and full access to processors, accelerated 3D graphics. Note that you need to back up important data before installation.

Read also: Install Windows 8 on VMWare Fusion

This is an easy process and your MacBook could work fine with Windows 8 without additional drivers. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a bootable Windows 8 USB or DVD using the ISO images of Windows 8. You can download the ISO images when installing Windows 8.

Step 2: Run the Boot Camp Assistant by typing Boot Camp in Finder.

Step 3: Choose Install Windows 7 under Select Tasks screen and you also should select the option Download the latest Windows support software from Apple.

Click on Continue. The option will turn to Remove Windows 7 if you have already had a Windows version on your Mac, so you must be careful.

Also remember to save all drivers for later use.


Step 4: Now you can create a new partition to install Windows 8. Drag the divider to set the size of the Windows partition, it should be at least 20 GB.


Step 5: Insert the Windows 8 USB or DVD into your Mac and hit the Install button available inside the Boot Camp Assistant wizard.

Step 6: This will start the familiar Windows 8 installation process on your Mac. You just need to choose the disk partition “BOOTCAMP” to install. If you have an issue requiring to install into a NTFS partition, just go to advanced Drive options and hit the F key to format that partition to NTFS format. Then you can follow the process and use the provided product key when prompted.

After finishing, you can switch between Windows 8 and Mac OS by holding the Option (Alt) key at start up.

Step 7: Now you should be able to log in to Windows 8. The final step is installing all drivers you downloaded in the step 3 (in Bootcamp folder), it will help Apple mouse, keyboard, trackpad, USB, networks work properly.

Have fun using Windows 8 on your MacBook.


      • Terrance says

        Only FYI

        I believe the link you provide gets resolved and now points elsewhere to
        if I did that correctly.

        And that says…(to Buy) and free downloads I did not see Windows 8
        listed…or I overlooked it.

        Get your hands on Windows 8

        Windows 8 brings you exciting new ways to use your PC. It’s fast, fluid,
        intuitive, and designed to let you do what you want, the way you want.
        Buy Windows 8


        Install and Dual-Boot Windows 8 with Windows 7/Vista
        By Tuan Do

        Now, let’s get started by following these steps to install Windows 8 along with your current OS:
        1. Download Necessary Files

        - If you are using Windows XP, you need to download and install Microsoft Image Mastering API V2 and .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 first.

        - Download Windows Release Preview 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64).

        - Download and install Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool.

      • says

        Hi Tuan,

        Happy New Year 2013.

        I did not update here… I managed to get Ubuntu on the Macbook but
        went on the Windows 8 partition. There are some issues.
        Actually after doing something in Windows, I accidentally lost the
        Mac partition. I did something else and made it worse.
        I panicked for a moment even calling Apple Care (emergency!) :).
        After calming down, I managed to go to a hard drive I had made a
        Time Machine back up on and was able to recover the Mac OS at least,
        then I did a recovery of everything though I back up my data in various

        After the Mac side was fine (and not needing an appointment with Apple
        for that purpose but I rescheduled it later just to get some keys replaced),
        I went back to putting Windows back on maybe after I got some rest then
        I just put Ubuntu Linux on the Windows partition running wubi? from
        Windows and using the Windows 8 boot loader. It is weird as I have to reboot
        twice to get to Ubuntu.

        Well enough of that…

        I am bored with bootcamp now and I think I may want to play with VMware
        (I heard of layoffs there this morning…) so maybe I had wanted to explore
        it free, but after hearing about lay offs, maybe I should pay something.
        The thing is I have a limited budget since I am not earning anything in
        this industry and actually I am losing money on my efforts.

        So I just want to know if you think VMware is worth playing with, can I
        keep my operating systems in their current states and just add this to maybe
        switch the operating systems in real time or have them run in parallel?
        This may give me something else to do, but I may not want to have to
        reinstall anything and take a lot of time putting Windows 7 back on and upgrading
        to 8 and then Ubuntu adding … But I do have time on my hands.

        maybe you can send me a private email of your opinions instead of posting here
        in public.

        Thank you again (if anyone is really monitoring this forum any longer).
        Oh and I am not really having any issues with Windows 8 on the Macbook except
        the brightness is a bit dim or dimmer than the Mac side. Anyone knows
        why and how to fix? Thanks.


  1. techtikus says

    I want to test run Windows 8 as well. Want to see wants new there but I guess it’s not much now right? Anyways I got to clear my C: first and it is a very long process haha.

  2. Zia says

    Hi Tuan,

    Please can u post an update with a test of the public beta version just released at MWC? Could u test it and give a walk through as well as test some PC games as well? Thanks a million sir. You are excellent!


    • Tuan Do says

      Hi Zia,
      I’ve updated the process. It hasn’t been checked carefully but there are some reports saying that there are some issues with keyboard shortcuts, randomly screen flashes, inconsistent wireless and volume control.

    • Terrance says

      Again, thank you and you’re a lifesaver.
      Perhaps spell check could not catch that one like I did.
      And I am the one unemployed or having a difficulty finding work in this industry
      due to my disability and being a new hire? Life just is not fair now is it?

  3. Gary says

    Hey Tuan,

    I have installed windows 8 under bootcamp and everything is working fine besides my DVD/Cd burner. It doesn’t show up in device manager or under computer window.

    Any suggestions?

  4. Vogon5 says

    When I get to step 5, bootcamp tells me it couldn’t find an install disk. I have Windows 8 Release Preview saved as a bootable USB, but I can’t get it to work.

  5. Andy says

    Thanks for the steps, I tried it on a Mackbook 4,1 running lepord, bootcamp 2. Only bootable dvd works with bootcamp 2.

  6. t6nna says

    I have a problem. When gotten so far that windows installer says “Setup is starting” a dialog appears saying a media driver (USB, DVD or HDD) is missing. Tried looking it from the Downloaded Windows Support files but its not there. Any ideas/solutions?

  7. James says


    If you put Windows 8 on a USB to install it on your Mac, are you obligated to leave your USB always connected on your computer?

  8. James says

    And after you put Windows 8 on your Mac, will you be able to keep both the Windows 8 installer in the USB and some other files?


  9. Terrance says

    I was wondering if one can use the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade disk
    to install or update Windows 7 partition on the MacBook without
    damaging anything. I do not want to open the software if I cannot
    use the upgrade disk for this but have to have a full version.

    Thank you.

    • Tuan Do says

      Yes Terrance, you can for sure. However, you should wait for a few more weeks because MacBook hasn’t pulled out all drivers for Windows 8. After the install, typing wouldn’t work although you can still use some other functionalities.
      Parallels also stated that upgrading now may damage your virtual machine, causing you to lose all your data, files and Windows applications.

      • terrance says

        I meant not damage anything in reference to the Mac partition as I used boot camp to install full version of Windows 7 Ultimate. I may not care if I erase the Windows 7,but just not affect the Mac side. So can I successfully upgrade using Windows 8 pro upgrade disc and keep the integrity of Windows 7 in tact (keep programs Office 2007,chrome,Firefox, etc.)or everything on Windows partition will have to be erased? Finally, should I try the free trial version from Microsoft before I open the upgrade disks package in case I am not satisfied and can return what I just bought unopened?

        thank you

  10. terrance says

    Oh I forgot to add, I am willing to take the ‘risk’ with what happens after the Windows 8 pro upgrade disk install, such as not getting latest drivers or not being able to type? Can I use external USB keyboard / mouse then if the MacBook ones may not work?

    my goal is to upgrade Windows 7 ultimate on that boot camped partition & NOT affect the Mac side or have problems with any boot loader issues and be guaranteed to go back to Mac side in case of an emergency

    I will work on backups as well on both sides, but Windows is not a priority as Mac is more important to me. I just want an improved Windows environment if possible and giving Windows a chance again.

  11. Terrance says

    Can I download a trial or evaluation version of Windows 8 Pro and if I decide to
    keep it and trust it (if it successfully installs on the boot camp partition of the MacBook),
    can I then use the disk I bought from the store to keep an official version without having
    to uninstall and potentially losing the Windows 7 data, applications during the first
    upgrade? I hope this all sounds right.

    I truly do not want to open the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade package (even it has 2 discs)
    as the store’s policy is no returns of opened software. Please understand my concerns.
    I want to make this go right and not risk anything booting on the Mac on the Mac side
    and to have a successful upgrade to Windows 8 if that is possible.

    Thank you.

    • Tuan Do says

      Hi Terrance,
      I tried upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on an iMac and I have no problem, all data and applications are kept and run properly. The only issue is the keyboard didn’t work although I could use some specific keys like ctrl, alt, delete.
      Don’t worry about your other partition of Mac, it won’t be affected at all. I just recommend you to back up the partitions just in case. You can try the Windows 8 Release Preview first to see if it works well with your Macbook. If it goes well, upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, otherwise, return your package for refund.
      Good luck! :)

      • Terrance says

        I am sorry to perhaps ask this again… I just want to confirm…
        If I should use the Windows 8 Release Preview to upgrade from 7 Ultimate,
        1st: will I be able to port or transfer all programs and data over to Windows 8?
        I will assume I can

        2nd: If I decide, and hopefully so, to keep Windows 8, this will expire in 30 to 90 days
        as it is a trial version. Since I have bought the Windows 8 Pro upgrade, will I be
        able to keep my current settings (files, programs) in the migration to the version
        I bought or will I have to reinstall all over again and losing the data? I do not mind
        this, but just want to be informed of this or perhaps try to find the best way to
        preserve the data if possible — or even use a recovery to go back to Windows 7 Ultimate
        then use the disc I purchased if I like the demo. I may end up just wanting to start fresh,
        and put the files back slowly and re-download any applications and reinstall software
        I own (Roxio, 123 DVD Maker, Garmin software, etc.),…who knows?

        Thank you so much.

      • Terrance says

        You’re right saying “Good luck!” even Microsoft was not helpful to me
        just now and I told them I have a disability and Microsoft told me to
        return Windows 8 Pro from what I understood.

        • Terrance says

          Microsoft informed me that Preview of Windows 8 is no longer available.
          I really struggled to find it and tried not to ask you here. If it is
          still out there, please guide me to it or I may just end up returning
          this software I bought if I cannot get a guarantee of a refund if I do
          not like (do not trust) Microsoft Windows 8 Pro. Microsoft told me
          to return the product and the agent may not have had faith in the product
          from what I understood given my disability.

      • Terrance says

        I thought you represented Microsoft here. I now see, the Preview was
        available for a limited time and I was thinking it was still out
        here or there somewhere online in some archive.

        Maybe I will perform some IT task soon and charge the amount paid for
        this upgrade ($40 or so) and play with what I have.

        It just does not sound good when you encourage “Good luck!” and talk
        about how some things don’t work (keyboard) from the start. Already
        there could be potential problems, but I will be hopeful.

        Thank you.

        • Tuan Do says

          Hi Terrance,
          Sorry for the late responnse. We are blackout because of a hurricane here and I can’t help you find the link for Windows8 preview. I believe it is still available somewhere.
          I am not representing any company, just a normal user like you.
          I will try to get the link tomorrow when I can connect to Internet.
          I said good luck because there are some problems like I mentioned earlier when you run Window 8 on Mac. It will take some more weeks to get it run properly.

          • Terrance says

            I really do apologize.
            I most sincerely hope you and your family and all are safe
            first and foremost.

            I have not been monitoring the news closely as I have my own kind of
            blackout here personally with my house: uʍop ǝpısdn – ssoɹ ɐuɐıp
            a #1 song for entire month of September 1980

            Best to you and get back to us when you can.
            I am pretty much okay with things with Windows 8…
            and if you can find and put up that link that would be
            beneficial. I will return what I have unopened and get it again
            the last day of the promotion (buy more time for a 2nd return
            if necessary or I can just take the risk).
            I truly hope this time there is no lag issue as I have experienced
            with other Windows’ operating systems including Windows 7.

            I expect great things.

  12. Paul says

    Hi. I have the following problem. I installed W8 PRO on my 24 inch imac. i installed bootcamp. everything works. except the lan driver. I cant’t connect to broadband (PPPoE) network at all. only wi-fi. How can i solve this problem? didn’t find a solution anywhere.

    • Tuan Do says

      Yeah we will have to wait until Apple updates drivers for Mac. I don’t have problems with LAN driver but my keyboard is almost not working. There is nothing we can do right now. Anyone could help?

  13. Terrance says

    I contacted Microsoft Support department and I asked why I could not locate
    the Windows 8 Pro preview software or download as I had trouble finding it
    and help guide me to its location. The Microsoft agent, who would not give his
    name, told me that the Preview is no longer available. He also , I believe ,
    encouraged me to return the Microsoft Windows 8 Pro I bought from the store.
    So now I am even more discouraged to try to give Windows 8 Pro a try since
    I am having difficulty finding the preview version and maybe there was some
    confusion, but the Microsoft person (almost rudely) told me to return the
    copy I have unopened yet.

    What am I to do to give Microsoft Windows 8 another chance as I have struggled
    with the slowness, non-responsiveness, lag of other Windows products in the
    past and even Windows 7 just now?

    I am very discouraged indeed and I may be sorry I even tried to give this another

    Can I open this , try it and perhaps return it to the store or even to Microsoft with

    • Tuan Do says

      Hi Terrance.
      I will try my best to find the link to download Windows 8 release preview for you, as soon as I get electricity back.
      You should not open the package as you will not be able to return later. If the preview runs well on your Mac, then you can do the upgrade without worries.
      I’m sorry for the late response. It is blackout here and I can’t do anything.

      • Terrance says

        I am sorry for my impatience. I hope you and your family, friends are well where you are
        and please take care.

        The first call to Microsoft did not clarify that this Preview was offered before the software
        was released and I am sorry I did not realize that. I would appreciate if there is a link
        to something out there on the net, but my fear is that Microsoft may disable that if there
        is some activation dependence via the internet and connection with the parent company
        even for the 15 to 30 day limited demo software. In other words, Microsoft may have
        cut this off or its access to be activated for a few days, who knows?

        I just learned the store is offering the promotion I got this past Sunday up until
        November 11th. I will return what I have and perhaps re-purchase again Nov. 11
        to buy me more time for the 15 or so day return policy. Or is it 30 days, I am not sure.
        You did mention to wait for some updates or something coming out with a different
        release in the up and coming weeks.

        I look forward to any links you can find … maybe I need to investigate better, but all
        I could come up with was the link to Microsoft and it was charging maybe $70 or $40
        for some download and perhaps no offer to a refund.

        In the end, maybe I will just eat the cost of this … it is only $40 about and the next
        time I help a client, I may just charge just that amount to offset what I paid for
        Windows 8 Pro and I will feel comfortable in my head about it all (I broke even so to say).

  14. Terrance says

    So , will someone help me. I have a disability and Microsoft did not seem
    willing to help me locate this Preview or it may have been disabled.
    I just don’t know. I am really trying to trust Microsoft Windows and give
    it yet another chance from the the sluggish type operating system it is.
    Can someone please guide me where this Preview is or with the copy (copies)
    of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade discs I have, can get rid of them for some
    type of recovery if I am not happy with the product? This is why I went to
    Mac a better responding machine / operating system.

    Please help me give Windows another chance to win me over.

  15. Terrance says

    Well! I am waiting. I am really bored here and want to get something started.
    I went to the link to the Microsoft website for this Preview of Windows 8 Pro.
    I did a google search for it and clicked. I only see how to purchase the operating
    system and the free downloads are for other software.

    I was hoping to get something downloaded and burned to a DVD or whatever so I
    can start this process. Do I have to wait? I am not sure how much longer the
    promotion at the store will last to get the discounted operating system in case
    I return my current copy to buy me more time if I want to re-purchase it at
    a later date.

    Maybe I should take a risk with this and just be out of nearly $40 if I am
    dissatisfied. I have lost money before I guess it is fine and who knows I may
    be happy with this potential loss.

  16. reda mohamed says

    my bootcamp says (you need 10 gigabyte free space to start windows installation ) ,i deleted files & now i have 18 gigabyte free space but still says that it need 10 gigabyte free space,i dont know why my macbook bootcamp cant see the real free space,please tell me how to solve that,thanks anyways

    • Terrance says

      Oh my, when I used boot camp to install Windows 7, I was a lot generous perhaps.
      The first time I installed I allotted 250 GB for Windows partition (total space on my Mac book is
      750 GB). I thought I had problems with Windows stuff on the Mac side so I cleared
      Windows 7 off the Macbook. I later put Windows 7 back on but this time allotting 320 GB.

      Maybe I will just start all over and reduce this size and use more of my disk space for the
      Mac side.

      So are you saying, from what I think I read here, only allow up to 30 GB for Windows 7 or
      Windows 8? Maybe I will just do a nice number such as 50 GB.

  17. Daniel says

    I have windows 7 on a bootcamp partition, and I have paid for, downloaded and burnt a windows 8 upgrade DVD. If I erase my bootcamp partition and re-partition, can I then install Windows 8 on the new partition? I’m afraid that, since it’s an upgrade, I won’t be able to install windows 8 on a blank partition.

    Thank you

      • Daniel says

        Thanks. I first tried installing the upgrade from my windows 7 desktop, and was informed I didn’t have enough disk storage to do it. I needed 20 GB, and only have about 14 available — on a Bootcamp partition of 30 GB total. Yet I ran the installation wizard before downloading; they could have warned me I didn’t have enough disk space!! Do you have a solution for me?

        Thanks again.

        • Daniel says

          I mean I ran the Upgrade Assistant. They said I had enough disk space for the download, but didn’t say I didn’t have enough for the installation.

          • Tuan Do says

            Hi Daniel.
            So I think you just need to expand the boot camp partition. I would recommend at least 50 Gb for the Windows 8.

          • Terrance says

            So I was wondering if I can run the upgrade while I am logged into the Windows 7
            partition and not go through Boot camp from Mac? Does this make sense?
            I was afraid that boot camp would not take an upgrade disk or rather Windows would
            have problems since it is an upgrade disk and not the full version?

            What do you think? I am looking at the box I bought and I am not sure if it is
            an upgrade or the full version.

            I will await how to download trial or Preview version….

  18. Terrance says

    After I determine whether or not to keep Windows 8 Pro (it is still in the bag
    with the receipt and I have not really looked at to see if it is a full version or
    just an upgrade), I may put it on one of 2 other notebooks that are running
    Windows 7. I guess I wanted to install on the Windows 7 partition on the
    Macbook since I am using that machine more (the other Windows machines
    are either servers or the one my mom is using –she emphatically said she
    wants to stick to Windows 7 and is not sure about any upgrades).
    (stick with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know –kind of thing??).

    So I will search for one I can download if it is still out there and I am not
    overlooking it until Tuan gets back. Are there others who are experienced with

    Upon reflection, my first supervisor, during the first few months before I was laid
    off or downsized–within 4 months of starting my career at AT&T Bell Laboratories–,
    was named Tuan.

    Oh, sorry, I digressed a moment.

    Best of luck all , I will start searching again this weekend and explore this
    package i have more examining it externally to see if I really want to open it or
    return it and pick it up again Nov. 11 when the promotional price ends.

    • Tuan Do says

      Hi Terrance.
      It seems like you will have a lot of problems installing Windows 8 on Mac. I just see another comment here mentioning his issues and there are even more than what I had.
      It is just not ready. So you shouldn’t upgrade it on your Macbook now. All people said drivers are not working well.
      I’m sorry as I couldn’t find link for you yet. It is horrible here in New York. I hope everything will come back next Monday and I can support you then.

      • Terrance says

        Oh please do not apologize as I have done to you if you got to read my other posts here.
        I said before take care of yourself, family and all others as that is most
        important is your safety. I pray for all affected by the storms.

        I hope I was not being too aggressive with this and just thought
        others had or have the excellent technical knowledge that you have with this stuff.
        One thing we had at AT&T Bell Laboratories was redundancy even in technical
        knowledge: if one engineer was not available, a back up one was on call to handle
        the issues.

        It is decided, I will return what I have and try to purchase again the last
        day of the promotion and I have another 15 days for either a miracle to
        happen or just go with the flow and put the upgrade on a Sony notebook.

        I was just not sure how Windows 8 Pro would really work with older
        systems that are not touch screen since it seems to be more focused on
        that I think. Or who knows, maybe once or if I install it, some miracle will
        happen and I will be able to touch the screen and get response.

        Thank you so much, please try not to focus on this computer stuff and handle
        the things to make you safe there priority. I appreciate what you have done.

          • Terrance says

            Things are dynamic with me … change again… I went to the store yesterday
            and found out I could possibly benefit from getting a touch screen monitor
            (Acer for $500) and I can consider installing Windows 8 Pro upgrade on a Sony
            Vaio I have but it only has a VGA and a HDMI port for video, no DVI .
            Also I found out I have 30 days to return so…
            Now if I keep a Dell XPS M1710 or can trade the Sony with a Dell XPS M1730 my mom
            is using, I can get DVI video ports.
            I am thinking the Sony is a better machine for my mom to use anyway and
            will have to convince her to swap :).

            I have already backed up the Mac Partition and may get to the Windows one
            or just overwrite it as nothing important there anyway.

            Thank you. I will have to read the instructions carefully perhaps.

        • Tuan Do says

          Wow, which Acer monitor will you buy. $500 for a PC computer is kind of expensive, except that it is a big one. I tried some touch screens from Asus before and they are just really bad. Totally different and much less responsive than when you touch the recent tablets.
          I’d rather get a Microsoft Surface with Windows RT than investing more on another monitor. I’m not sure what you want, anyways hopefully you will get good Windows 8 machines soon. :)

          • Terrance says

            Ah, good point. I was just considering. But it could be cheaper to get a new notebook
            with the technology in place. I guess this monitor is obviously for those who get
            desktop systems but that is a bit outrageous.
            Actually I would NOT get this monitor for $500 but would look on ebay for something
            cheaper and so far the bidding is at $200 and who knows where that could go.

            Thank you for this little comment to jog my brain a bit to think this over more, but
            trust me, I would not have jumped into doing something like this in haste.
            Perhaps I would just be interested in trying it out to see how it works and return
            without any additional cost to me.

          • Terrance says

            Whatever, the case, I have the .ISO files and made at least one DVD and
            perhaps I will work on install later today after I see a client. I don’t want to
            start this now and need to focus. I have backed up Mac and Windows
            partitions and will double, triple check to make sure those are done right
            (back ups are everywhere … 1 to 3 hard drives and may even do one on
            Blu-Ray or DVD)).

            Overly cautious

            Thank you so much.

            Oh yes, I was considering a Surface …. Oh yeah please don’t worry, I was not going
            to get a monitor for $500 can I laugh here? LOOOL

            Take care again

          • Terrance says

            The monitor is 23″ and this is outrageously priced.

            I guess this was to see if it all works with the touch screen and not commit to
            it long term. I just want to do it and see how it works on my own time…
            Oh, my what was I thinking or getting into?


            23″ LCD Touch Screen Display
            Usually ships in 5-7 business days. Limited availability. May not be in stock at time of order. No back orders.


            My Wish Lists: Add to my wish list
            SKU: 987321 Mfr Part #: UM.VT2AA.001 UPC: 886541704931

          • Terrance says

            Here’s the deal. I really want to try to give Windows 8 a chance.
            I think it could be good but I may have to get a new machine that is fully
            compatible with the touch screen monitor and all.

            I was just trying my best to work with what I have presently. First try on
            the Macbook Boot Camp partition but I hear there could be problems so it is
            not so encouraging and that is fine, I expected this. I do not think I have
            the benefit here with the touch screen monitor unless a miracle happens.

            Also I have a Sony laptop and a Dell or two that I could try the upgrade disk
            I bought on . However I don’t get the benefit of the touch screen with those
            and I was thinking to try out that monitor I mentioned.

            So it was potentially a crazy thing to do just to give Windows 8 a chance using
            my existing equipment and maybe I was not thinking straight and that is
            why I mentioned this monitor.

            I will reassess everything and may end up getting the Surface if I was willing to
            consider forking out $500 for something. :) LOL But really, I would have looked
            for that monitor on eBay and I did see one for about $200 but it is early in the bid.
            And even that needs some extra thought.

            I thank you so much for that link to the .ISO files (64 bit for Macbook, Sony or one Dell or
            32 bit as I do have another Dell).
            I will just keep the $40 upgrade disk and hope it can be useful on one of those machines
            even without the touch screen monitor. Now I need to price how much a desktop
            model would cost and see what the difference is to even consider getting one of those
            special updated monitors.

        • Tuan Do says

          That’s a smart decision, Terrance.
          If you decide to go with a touch screen monitor, I recommend you to try it in stores first before ordering on eBay. I tried many but honestly all of them sucks and are overpriced.
          I am using Windows 8 on 15.6″ laptop without touch screen and it is still pretty good. There are smart gestures so that you can do stuffs easier. I am also considering the Surface and waiting for some discount on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. It is difficult to get discount on the tablet but I hope Microsoft will lower the price of Touch Cover. :D
          I believe we could have some good deals in the upcoming time, so don’t rush.

          • Terrance says

            I forgot to add in my long-winded discourse…

            I would like to know IF (big IF) I should get some type of touch screen monitor,
            can I connect it to the the Macbook as I have some converters or adapters
            Thunderbolt to VGA, DVI and HDMI I have them all. So can I connect this
            monitor and get the benefit of the touch screen or would special drivers be needed
            on the Macbook windows side…

            There are just so many questions to try to give this a fair chance with the existing
            computers and hardware I have and trying to to waste money if something is not
            going to work .
            I will just have to be content with the MacBook and perhaps consider Windows 8
            on a machine that is fully compatible in the future after one of my existing computers
            I will just have to be patient… will wait for the monitors as you suggest.
            Maybe the desktops (it seems) cost a lot $1000? so maybe $200 to $500 may not be
            so bad for the monitor???
            And I guess all my comments here have been for naught. :)
            It is time to be quiet, and try to install, upgrade or whatever using the .ISO you
            supplied and just open the package I bought and put that on either the MacBook
            if it will work or just put it on the other computer and deal with it going forward
            as at least one computer will be running Windows 8.

  19. Irew says

    The step where you format the bootcamp drive, that’s sort of a killer as it kills all your drivers that bootcamp set up.

    I tried Win8 on mac via bootcamp. The first thing is your wireless will not work as you don’t have the drivers for that. Even on a LAN, the driver can’t be found. You have to hunt for the wireless drivers.

    I found them, but after that, the trackpad works like garbage. No right click (no, not even a combination of click plus any key will work). At some point, after trying to update drivers, I lost the mouse entirely.

    So this isn’t really ready yet, unless there’s a good solution for trackpad support. I used bootcamp to kill my bootcamp partition and will wait until this is fully baked.

    • terrance says

      Sounds or seems like a headache for Mac?
      The store confirmed I have 30 days not just 15 to return, but my concerns are probably all for naught as I may keep Windows 8 pro upgrade to install on a Sony Vaio and get a touch screen monitor if that works using the HDMI video port. I may not install on boot camp partition on MacBook after all and will continue to monitor the logs here on the progress (if there is any) of things.
      Thank you for the warnings.

    • Terrance says

      And so why do I want to do this again? After this struggle, am I really going to suffer from compatibility
      problems? (trackpad not working properly or as expected, wireless adapters not working properly,
      what else should I expect? I even had some problems getting the Bluetooth to work within Windows 7,
      but I managed to do something to make it work.

      Oh I really and truly want to give Windows 8 a chance and I am willing to go through this and I hope
      in the end there is some benefit like the non-responsiveness I seem to experience with Windows 7
      and others prior or when I click something it does not register immediately but there is a delay
      or my characters are not all shown or are buffered causing misspellings and having to backspace
      and retype or the scroll down gets lagged and just other quirks I have patiently endured for the
      past 11 years being outside a UNIX environment (Sun Workstation) (being laid-off is really bad
      on your computing environment and options).

      I am so so very happy with the Mac (kind of back to Unix) since the migration and
      just use Windows 7 at home as 2 to 3 laptops have it, I use 2 of them as servers and
      just mainly remote desktop into them at times to retrieve data or send print jobs when I am out.

      I will rest and reinstall Windows 7 using boot camp and try the preview upgrade from
      within Windows.

      • Terrance says

        I am sorry I meant some benefit like the non-responsiveness will vanish or go away…
        my run-on sentence somehow overwrote that … I want the lag and the repositioning of
        the cursor or the eating of the characters when typing and other things to just go away.
        I am praying Windows 8 is the answer this time. I really want to make this work.

  20. Terrance says

    So far not a success and I am tired after seeing a client for several hours
    assisting with a cable TV and internet installation.

    I attempted to install Windows 8 I burned (Preview I guess) and I got blocked by some
    request of video drivers and I was not sure which to choose if any as they said
    there was some incompatibility.
    I thought I did a back up or created a Windows Assistant image onto DVD and USB.
    I am tired.

    Maybe I will work on this Monday morning.

  21. Terrance says

    I did not state that correctly. I am blocked as it is saying
    some media drivers or files are missing. I created a windows assistant image
    or think those files are on burned on DVD and are on a USB flash and
    I located those but I am not finding or it is not finding some
    media drivers.

    I should have installed this via Windows 7 when it was on the separate
    or created partition I have since deleted. Oh well.
    Maybe I will put Windows 7 back on and try executing the Preview disc from
    that environment and not using boot camp, if that makes sense or is the
    right way.

    And maybe I am doing something wrong and thus not too encouraged to
    putting Window 8 on the macbook if this and other problems that have been

    Maybe Microsoft is or has blocked this after all the Preview I could not find on
    its website and it has the right to block.

    You don’t have to respond to this and maybe I will find out what I am doing
    wrong. This is no longer a priority for me as I may determine if I want to benefit
    from WIndows 8, get it on a new machine with all the bells and whistles
    instead of trying to make old stuff work with it.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Tuan Do says

      Yes, that makes sense, Terrance.
      You can try installing the preview disc on Windows 7, it should work. I believe that Microsoft is not blocking the Release Preview, they stated that it will be available until early 2013.

      • Terrance says

        Maybe so, it was just when I called Microsoft and expressing I had difficulty finding
        that Preview from the link you gave initially (and maybe I did something wrong there),
        the person at Microsoft told me it was no longer available and after some discussion
        about my upgrade purchase and some difficulties or incompatibilities with Macbook
        anticipated, that person told or encouraged me to just return Windows 8 Pro upgrade. :)
        So he would rather not help me find a Preview to check things out and perhaps he
        did not have much faith in his own company’s product to encourage me to return what
        I had.

        But I really want to make something work with Windows 8 and I guess I am willing to lose
        $40 or so just to try one last time. I hope things work out well and to my benefit on
        either the Macbook or the Sony computer.

        Can someone address if that touch screen monitor would work via thunderbolt adapter
        to DVI, HDMI or VGA I have to connect an external monitor? Is that asking too much or
        I can just try out that touch screen monitor (trial basis) with the Sony that has a VGA
        and HDMI video outputs. I am just never sure about when you have to use an adapter
        to convert things… the video may show but is it bidirectional with the swiping of the hand
        and is that communicated via the adapter in the middle. I guess I can just try it out
        and see , right?

  22. Terrance says

    Oh well, duh,… I should have done it that way and my mind said to do it that
    way but I watched the video to do this from boot camp within Mac first.

    Now I have to put Windows 7 back on the partition, and that take a long time.
    I was exhausted and made some time to do this and did it wrong anyway.
    I should have read other ways first to be comfortable installing on an existing
    Windows 7 installation.

    Okay, now, I just ask one question that I asked before… what do you recommend
    the size of the partition should be again or confirm ….I think I saw 20 GB or 30 GB.
    I initially gave Windows 7 250 GB then 320 GB as my entire hard drive on the Mac is
    750 GB. I used 250 to make it a nice number but if you feel I can get away with
    giving Windows a lot less, I am willing to reduce this to 50 GB and call it a day.
    But I think I had about 60 to 70 GB of data and OS on that partition , who knows, who’s
    counting or keeping track. Maybe I will up it to 100 GB??

    • Tuan Do says

      Microsoft Windows 8 requires just 20 GB of free disc space but I would say 30 GB. Adding your 60 GB of data, I think 100 GB partition is enough.

  23. terrance says

    Progress is…
    I should have left Windows 7 alone as I had all the updates over time and now I just reinstalled that fresh and after applying boot camp updates and drivers, I will attempt a Windows 8 upgrade without all updates to windows 7….
    just now got message about missing media drivers

    Oh well, back to windows 7 to apply all updates and try windows 8 again

    Trial and error

  24. Terrance says

    I am making more work than what was necessary I guess. Reinventing the wheel.
    But at least I now have a fresh copy of Windows 7.
    Oh I chose 150 GB for Windows and to make Mac side an even 600 GB.
    Something Monk might do? I just had an issue of the Mac side being 650 GB
    had I chose 100 GB for Windows.

    So I will go through the process of updating Windows 7 fully and try
    Windows 8 Trial Preview again and see if it asks for some media drivers that
    seems to block me for now unless I am doing something wrong.

    I am trying not to open the box since I have about a month minus a week left
    to return if I so choose. I will try every effort to make something happen
    or work on the Mac first and then move to the Sony next to get Preview
    working on those to try to see if it is something I like.

    But if all for naught, if all else fails then I will reluctantly open the Windows
    8 Pro Upgrade official package and try on said computers. Or maybe this is something
    I should do anyway instead of wasting all this time?
    This is to truly get Windows 8 to work and not be like the previous operating systems
    (sluggish, non-responsiveness, random cursor repositioning, lag, processes not
    closing properly, hanging of application when trying to close a process, etc.).
    I am truly hoping Windows 8 can be great.

    Thank you

    Maybe if you know why I see that error about media files or drivers needed on
    the Macbook, … maybe I should try installing Preview on my Sony to see if I see a
    similar error. Testing and debugging again.

    • Tuan Do says

      Yes you should try on your Sony laptop, I believe there will be no problem.
      I am testing on another way to install Windows 8 on Mac. So if you are not successful with BootCamp, you can expect the other solution in my tutorial next week.
      Anyways, there is one thing I am sure at the moment. Windows 8 can’t run with its full performance on Mac devices. It is so much faster on my laptop, running smoothly and booting up takes just a few seconds.

      • Terrance says

        Oh thank you for the encouragement… this is how my testing
        goes… methodically (AT&T influence).

        My initial goal was or is to get Windows 8 Pro in some
        form (Preview or maybe the $40 I bought) on the Mac via
        boot camp as I use the Mac machine more.
        I really want to leave the Sony Vaio machine alone as it
        is used as a server and I am not sure what benefit Windows
        8 will have on that one and I heard one cannot remote
        into it unless the client computer is also running
        Windows 8. I only have one copy and can only do one
        install on one computer (I believe).

        So in desperation if I cannot get things running on the
        Macbook, just to give Windows 8 a fair chance, I will
        reluctantly install it (Preview or full copy) on the
        Sony and be done with this.

        Thank you so much for understanding and I will be patient
        more so for your updates regarding Mac.

        I am applying all the myriad of updates to Windows 7 now
        and the Chrome browser just hanged for a moment… Oh Windows!
        I really hope Windows 8 is better.

  25. Terrance says

    Now I remember… I also want the “Not Responding” messages
    to go away. I just encountered it again in Windows 7.
    I am hoping when or IF I get Windows 8 Pro to behave, this
    message will go away please. If I want to delete a process,
    I want it gone and not linger and tell me “not responding”

    Pray for me.

  26. Terrance says

    Windows 7 Ultimate is all installed with all the updates.
    Now I can try again to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro Trial or

    At the store, they said there could be some issue with something
    upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate opposed to starting from a
    lower version of Windows 7 (Home Premium or is there a

    First pass: execute the Preview disk burned (hopefully that
    burned fine).
    I get error message when attempting to run the disk within
    Windows 7 environment

    Error: D:\Sources\SPWIZENG.DLL is either not designed to run
    on Windows or it contains an error…

    Now I will reboot loading the windows 8 disc and try to
    install that way.
    Wish me luck or maybe something I did wrong… maybe the .ISO
    file was corrupt or whatever …maybe time to open that

  27. Terrance says

    Final try for tonight.
    I attempted to execute Windows Pro Preview from what I think the disk
    I created using some .ISO file posted here.
    Unless that disk is corrupt somehow, I attempted to execute or install from
    the boot menu and not using boot camp from within Mac.

    I am getting the same error
    A media driver your computer needs is missing. This could be a DVD, USB or Hard Disk
    driver. If you have a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive with the driver on it, please
    insert it now.

    I am thinking there was some issue with having a DVD and some special drivers or
    software was needed to run a DVD or load DVDs and media center stuff.

    I will call it a day.

    • Tuan Do says

      I am sorry as I can’t help you in this case. If you figure out a better way to install Windows 8 on your Macbook, I’d love to feature it here on TechWalls.
      I’m doing some tests and hopefully another solution will be posted soon.

      • Terrance says

        I know you probably cannot help with this aspect of the Preview upgrade to my
        particular Macbook Pro 17 inch.

        I heard that if one disables something regarding this media hardware or the need
        for these drivers, one can complete the upgrade install. I may go ahead and try
        Preview on the Sony as it may not have this problem.

        I was afraid of this and being blocked and not being able to give Windows 8 a chance
        on my existing computers and their hardware. It may be best to eventually in the future
        just purchase a new laptop or even desktop with new features and Windows 8.

        Thank you for your efforts.

      • Terrance says

        Okay, the problem was with the .ISO file I downloaded on
        the Windows 7 side. It was corrupt actually the size was smaller
        than expected the files size on disk but the image burned onto
        the now wasted DVD stated 3.5 GB so that caused confusion.
        When I tried to execute the setup within Windows 7 I had thought
        there was corruption from that file mentioned.

        I decided this time to download the .ISO file on the Mac side and
        make sure the size was proper and I burned a new DVD at lower speed
        constant speed.

        Anyway now I am blocked again, I need a Product Key for the Trial Preview
        Version. I thought I saw a key but I am not sure if this is
        legitimate…. Maybe I will just open up the package I have and do
        an official install of that.
        However, if there is a generic key for this Preview, I would not mind
        getting it so I can go forward. Things are looking brighter I think
        even though I feel I am blocked for now.

        I will look to see what I can find in the interim.

        Thank you.

  28. Terrance says

    Success! I guess…

    I found a key online and it seems temporary and that is fine.

    So far the keyboard and the trackpad did not seem to work properly initially
    in the Windows 8 mode with the icons, but they *seem* to work fine in the
    XP mode. I think it is still a little sluggish but maybe in time this
    can improve.

    I had to connect an external USB wireless mouse and keyboard combo from
    Logitech just in case to get things going so I can type this email from within
    the Windows 8 environment.

    As far as internet, I did not want to take a chance and I am wired ethernet now
    but it did ask for wireless encryption key for my wi-fi network… I will test this
    later by unplugging the ethernet cable, but not now as I want to get this email

    Thank you for your assistance Tuan and especially for the link to download the
    .ISO files.

    I believe my goals have been accomplish, getting Windows 8 in some form on
    the MacBook.
    … hmm the trackpad does not seem to work consistently so I will continue to use
    the mouse…

    Good day.

    • Terrance says

      I think they say …
      There is a thin line between success and failure (or was that love and hate?).

      Well I am experiencing some erratic behavior using Windows 8 on the MacBook.
      The trackpad does not seem to work all the time and the connection to the
      internet via wireless is slow and I think it failed. Then the machine locked up
      I could do nothing with it except a hard power off. Maybe some things need to be
      worked out in experimentation and it is too late now, I am tired.

      I think I got things installed properly and so that is a success and I could
      consider opening the package and starting all over again and try with an official
      version. Perhaps the Trial Preview version is not that good for this.

      Also, even with Windows 7, I am noticing that I have to unplug the ethernet cable
      and back in when I am on the Mac side. Strange.

      So I do not know if activating the wireless to connect to the internet in Windows 8
      messed something up as I was able to access internet via the ethernet cable directly
      to my router and out to the internet.

      More testing later today or maybe I will take a break to wait for any new developments

      Oh I think that quote was more like (what I heard at work when working on a major project)
      the success of the project is considered a team effort,
      however failure of the project suddenly becomes an individual effort.

      • Terrance says

        I forgot to add… I did not see the trackpad in the bootcamp side on
        Windows 8 in XP mode if that is what that is called
        (hit Command or Windows button and X?) or Desktop mode?

        Maybe when I go back to Windows 8 (now on Mac side thank goodness that
        was not messed up) , I will run boot camp again like I did in Windows 7
        and reload the drivers and software.

        on that success / failure of project:
        success: everyone takes part and claim including the managers
        failure: the finger pointing /blame game (to individuals) starts …he / she did it… :)

  29. Terrance says

    I am back on Windows 8 and online…but I am afraid to do the following:

    Disconnect ethernet and go or depend totally on wireless,
    both are active so I guess wired connection takes priority.

    Try to use trackpad… I need to get to running that bootcamp software
    from the flash drive, I should have done that before typing this

    Go back to Windows 8 screen (touch screen ) mode ;Start… When I tried
    to go back to the more familiar screen (Desktop) either I could not or
    the operating hanged and I had to do a hard reset/reboot
    It just crashed again and I was lucky to log back in and did a restore
    of the Chrome browser to send this. I will now quit while I am ahead to
    get this out now. Post!

  30. Terrance says

    I got this error message updating more Windows 8

    let me post this before it crashes or hangs again…

    Search results for “WindowsUpdate_8007065E OR WindowsUpdate_dt000″‎ (1)

  31. Terrance says

    I notices all the updates I attempted failed and I am blocked by that
    error message or code Code 8007065E

    I think I did enough for now… oh it crashed or hanged again
    and I am not sure if it is because of this update and maybe something
    got corrupted the last time the OS was non responsive or hanged.
    I may have to do this all over and perhaps I could get better results
    using the official copy of Windows 8 Pro upgrade instead of this Preview.

    Thank you. I somehow think this is a kind of success…I just don’t
    know when it will stop working and hard reset/reboot….oh I miss Mac side
    but still curious about Windows 8 even if Windows ate up my time and patience
    once again.

    • Tuan Do says

      Congrats Terrance.
      This is a success as we all have problems with install Windows 8 on MacBook. At the moment we have to accept the annoying issues. I will let you know when there is a better way.

      • Terrance says

        After all this, maybe I should take a little

        I guess all would have gone well had the downloaded
        .ISO file not been truncated or corrupted. I did download
        that initially on the Windows 7 side and maybe I had
        a network problem. But I guess I had some low expectations
        from the start and the store where I bought the software
        said to expect some hardware issues and something regarding
        Media center (and thus why I thought the request for media
        drivers was the issue of being blocked).

        I will play with the preview for a while, not opening
        the software I bought , give it time, be patient …
        Even now I am still using ethernet to connect to internet
        as I am afraid what will happen if I go wireless. I will try wireless

        Thanks you and I truly thank you Tuan for pointing me in
        the right direction to get the software .ISO as Microsoft
        was unwilling to help me when I called and even told me to
        return the package I bought.

      • Terrance says

        Okay a few questions,

        Do you think I could benefit from getting an Apple external
        trackpad? I think it is bluetooth? Oh I need to check
        Bluetooth out with Windows 8. In time I will get to it.

        And I think I asked about connecting an external monitor
        and one that is touch screen. I wonder if it will work
        as it is supposed to using one of my thunderbolt to
        HDMI, VGA or DVI adapters. Is it bidirectional.
        If you don’t know that is fine, I may get some monitor
        and try as experiment just to do it… and keep my receipt.

        Thank you for helping me through this and this is
        an accomplishment… Now let me finish this email before
        Windows 8 may crash again. Actually I could not get out on internet
        just now… let me try this…

      • Terrance says

        I am sorry if I am inundating you with comments.
        Just a thorough testing process learned and applied when working at AT&T
        long ago. Telelogic and Motorola did not know what they were losing
        after laying me off in 2001 and not assisting me finding alternate work
        or to continue the excellent support (according to the emails) we were
        doing at that time.

        Anyway, I using wireless fine now and Bluetooth works as I had
        problems there connecting some headset with Windows 7. Windows 8
        connected fine without struggle. I am beginning to like Windows 8
        despite some issues.

        Do you think it crashes or stalls because of some timeout for using
        Preview Evaluation copy ( I see that in the bottom right corner)?
        I can accept this if it is just timing out because it is a trial version.

        • Terrance says

          Oh gosh my characters are being eaten or Windows ate my characters
          I am sure I said I am using wireless…
          And I still am using the wireless adapter to get to internet so that
          is fine. And I am happy I was able to connect my bluetooth stereo headset
          so I can listen to iTunes and music now via Windows 8.

          Windows 8 crashed again and while I was playing a song … the song
          started sounding like a cracked or broken record repeating and the
          entire system became unresponsive. Maybe I should time it when I start
          into Windows 8 and when it hangs and maybe there is some time limitation
          on this evaluation copy and perhaps I should do an official install of
          the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade I bought (still sealed as of now).

          Thank you.

      • Terrance says

        I kind of took a break but even when I worked at AT&T, I really did not take much vacation or time off.

        So now, I was back in Windows 8 off and on until it stalls, crashes or whatever. Now I am on Mac side so I can reliably do work and send this as I am never sure when the Windows 8 will lock up the Macbook.

        Maybe I did something wrong in the install or even I was attempting an update and the computer crashed so maybe something got corrupted and I have to do this all over again.

        I think I could like Windows 8 on the Macbook but I have to be cautious. I almost was not able to send out an email or post here and thought something went wrong with the wireless adapter as I heard there could be issues there. I do as much work on it before the screen freezes or I can only use the mouse and see cursor movement. I cannot switch back to the screen (touch) mode Windows 8 mode or go to XP or Desktop mode if I am on the other side. The only thing to do is hard shut down (power button) the machine or maybe I should just wait??? How many minutes or hours before it will respond.

        I am tempted to open the package and start all over again if necessary (reinstall Windows 7) and upgrade with the official version and hope for the best. Or should I be patient and see any new developments here and if you could address my 2 concerns about the Bluetooth or USB trackpad from Apple and the connection of a touch screen monitor and using the thunderbolt adapter converter to HDMI, VGA or DVI… warn me before I go out and get the touch screen monitor to test for myself.

        I could in the process put Windows 8 preview on the Sony machine to test all this out as well. You have a lot of free time after you are laid off in this industry. :)
        Oh that reminds me I had a possible interview with Microsoft in 2003 and they did notkeep the promised interview date and then all the jobs were filled. (the email trail says and documents it all).

        Take care

  32. Terrance says

    Oh, is there a way to edit these posts…I did not notice I put
    notices and some other “misspelled” or wrong words or wrong verb
    tense I accidentally posted… but I would never confuse
    “your” when “you’re” is meant. That is pure laziness.

    Take care.

  33. Terrance says

    I got trackpad to work. Great

    I will call it a day. Success. Just have to know when the machine will
    hang, stall, crash or just not respond.

    Windows 8 has potential for me on Macbook, getting closer to opening package.

    Windows 8 on a Macbook Pro
    Having trouble getting your trackpad to work on Windows 8 RTM with your Macbook? This fix worked for me, via LeeR @ ArsTechnica.

    Right Click | Update Driver Software | Browse my computer for driver software | Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

    I then selected USB Input Device. (It was the only other device in the compatible hardware list).

    Doing this for each one restored basic mouse functionality. No multi touch at this stage, no right mouse click.

    After that I did the following:

    Right Click | Update Driver Software | Browse my computer for driver software | Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

    I then selected the relevant Apple Multitouch driver. (This again was the only other device in the compatible hardware list).

    and it works.

    You might need to go into the Boot Camp Control Panel and tick boxes in the Trackpad tab to get things back how you wanted it.

    • Tuan Do says

      Wow, that’s awesome, Terrance.
      I can’t believe Windows 8 somehow still works on your MacBook although it is not good as it is supposed to be. I haven’t seen my laptop freeze or hang since installing Windows 8 and it seems happening very often on your machine.
      By the way, if you plan to install Windows 8 Pro on your MacBook, could you do me a favor? Please send me an email listing all issues you have when and after you install it, and any fix you have as well. I’d love to feature that article on this site as it will be very helpful for other people. Of course, all the works are credited to you.
      Thanks in advance.

      • Terrance says

        Sometimes I feel I am reinventing the wheel as I am sure the issues
        I am having have already been addressed. If you feel there is anything
        new I have listed, then fine. From the start I had an issue with the
        .ISO file. Really it would have been nice to have the Preview disk directly
        from Microsoft as I tell clients it is beneficial for them to have the
        original installation disks and not depend on downloading files that
        could get corrupted or be incomplete (wireless or wired downloads)
        let alone slow.

        I am not sure about getting credit as I am doing this for my own benefit
        and I truly want to make Windows 8 work for me.
        I have found that to me it still lags, but I do type too fast. Sometimes
        the scrolling seems to lag still, but it is early yet.

        I may have to do this all over again and just install as you say the proper
        way and not depend on Preview and just use the still unopened package I have.

        Let me figure out that error code first and hopefully the machine will
        not freeze up again once I do. I am not even sure it is freezing up because
        I am using the wireless adapter or what.

        Or when it freezes or I think it is not responding, maybe I should be patient
        to wait for it to recover? I am not sure.

        I am typing this using Windows 8 the screen part right now (not using
        desktop mode). So let me commit this before…

        Thank you.

      • Terrance says

        I am getting error code 8007065E when attempting to perform updates.

        Also for the trackpad, I cannot seem to right click to get the cut,copy,paste
        menu and have to use the external mouse. Maybe it is a simple setting
        but I do not see trackpad option or menu button as I did with Windows 7
        and using boot camp.

        So that is about it. I will just wait for the machine to freeze now…
        Ta ta… let me send this now before…

      • Terrance says

        Things are improving. I have been on Windows 8 side without
        it hanging or freezing for a while now. I should have timed

        My only issues are

        1) Track pad setting how to right click bottom of pad to
        select Copy, Cut, Paste… so far using mouse.

        2) Google Chrome scroll bar is lagging
        and this has nothing to do with Windows 8 but my google
        chrome browser has turned dark and I am not sure what
        I did to set this if by accident. It is a bit annoying.

        3) I cannot seem to get rid of the Windows update errors.
        I going to try disk cleaning and using Norton Utilities
        to perform a registry clean to see if that improves

        But I am not seeing any problems …let me send this now
        as you know why…

  34. Terrance says

    I am afraid that something got corrupted or perhaps not completely downloaded
    as I was attempting to perform one of those Windows updates after installing
    Windows 8 Preview. I think that first or whatever crash may have “damaged”
    something and why I cannot go forward with subsequent Windows’ updates.
    See that error code. Maybe this is causing my machine to not respond.

    I just was on Windows 8 and it stopped responding and I was a bit disappointed
    and I really want to get this taken care of. I will try to research that error code
    and see if I can repair my Windows 8 since you state you are not having such a problem.

    In the worst case I need to start this all over again. Put a fresh copy of
    Windows 7 Ultimate on and try again. At least I know how to get trackpad going
    and some other things if I have not forgotten.

    I just had some spare time even after voting and helping with some
    family shopping to do this. Let me take a little break and figure out what to do
    (like open the package). I am sorry if I am wavering on this but I do have
    another 20 or so days left to return.

    This is the thing, I kind of want to try this on the Sony just to see if the
    touch screen monitor will work. But I can even try this test using the Macbook
    if there is some guarantee that those Thunderbolt to VGA/HDMI/DVI adapters will
    work and I can swipe my fingers across the screen and touch and get results.

    • Terrance says

      I meant something got corrupted as I was performing the update the
      computer stalled and I believe crashed and perhaps a windows update file
      is not complete and preventing updates now. I tried to do a restore and
      that is not working either. Some things have changed and I have to
      keep hitting Command (Windows star thing) X to get to like the Control Panel
      to do old windows stuff.

      The store gave me a list of all the commands and short cuts and key presses to
      do things within Windows 8, but I cannot find it now.

  35. Terrance says

    I am getting other error update messages, but I am attempting to
    run the Windows Update Troubleshooter in Administrator mode.
    Some seem to have corrected themselves and others have not.
    In the end I may have to reinstall everything and start all
    over with Windows 7 then upgrade. Do I really need to update
    Windows 7 to service pack 1 or whatever and apply all those
    updates taking up time or can I go straight to Windows 8
    after a new, fresh Windows 7 install.

    Thank you.

  36. Terrance says

    Well I don’t know, Windows 8 seems a bit inconsistent as now I cannot
    get to Windows Update, the Control Panel part freezes. I cannot right now
    proceed to check the updates and get to that error code again so I can
    fix that. Maybe something got corrupted as the update was performing and
    the computer crashed in the middle of it.

    I still see typical erratic Windows behavior, lag, scroll on Chrome browser
    not responsive at first….

    I still think Windows 8 has great potential … it is kind of a better Windows 7
    at least (kind of like C++ was used as a better ANSI C).

    So maybe I will just reinstall everything and use the source disk.

    Best Buy has that touch screen monitor from Acer for $500 and the agent
    told me of its generous return policy.

  37. Terrance says

    I think I will open the package and reinstall .
    I will reinstall Windows 7 but do I have to go through all the updates
    and Service Pack there before installing or upgrading to Windows 8 Pro?

    I think I need to do a clean install as things are not responding like I had hoped.
    I even tried to create another account with Administrator privileges and that
    hanged when attempting to log in.

    Now if I can do a little consulting task for a client and I will charge
    only about $41 to offset the cost of buying the Windows upgrade package
    I will break even and be happy just like I did when I charged a client
    for Vista upgrade and virus protection issue the cost for the recent
    Mac OS Mountain Lion upgrade. Is there any other way to be compensated?

    • Tuan Do says

      Hi Terrance,
      Microsoft said that we can upgrade from the release preview to Windows 8 Pro. I suppose you don’t need to roll back to Windows 7. In case you reinstall Windows 7, you will have to do all the updates again.

  38. Terrance says

    Thank you. It is just I am not sure if the Preview release is corrupted
    and I guess I will update to the purchased copy, but that would just
    require entering the product key, right to get this official.

    I have had bad history with Windows in the past and thus why I was so
    cautious. I kind of feel this Windows 8 could work out for me and who
    knows I might try to secure another copy.

    It might be worth it to make sure and put a fresh copy of Windows 7 again,
    do all the updates (I will go to my alma mater college for highest speed
    connection) and put a fresh copy of the official Update Windows 8 Pro
    as I can *trust* it now. I say this for one reason, the bluetooth connection
    link to my stereo headset (headphones) worked immediately whereas with
    Windows 7 on boot camp there was a struggle with Broadcom drivers.
    The headsets are Creative WP 450 and Logitech H800.
    That alone is worth me keeping Windows 8 for Macbook

    I am still curious about the touch screen monitor and I may get one just
    to test either connect to Macbook as external monitor using thunderbolt
    adapters/converters or I will determine which Windows 8 to put on the Sony
    (trial, preview or bought copy update) to connect touch screen monitor there.

    Thank you for pointing me to the Preview so I could convince myself to keep
    Windows 8. Now I probably should have just opened the package from the start
    and I would not have had been blocked by a corrupt or incomplete download .ISO
    This is the importance of keeping an official copy of the operating system on
    some “reliable” media such as CD, DVD the silver kind and not depend on
    downloading via wireless or wired connection (which I did the latter).

    I have some work cut out for me the next coming days… the weekend is near.

  39. Terrance says

    The weekend is here. I still have not opened the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade package.
    I was trying to repair the Preview one with the Windows updates and getting error
    codes. I did something for Update Regeneration (look online). I got the Update
    to stop hanging at least after I executed some steps to reset everything.
    I am still getting some error codes in the update steps and maybe this is a
    restriction put out by Microsoft for this Preview version and it wants me to
    finally commit to using the official disk. I am close to it.

    Update: I got the trackpad going with the bottom right click. I had to run another
    Boot camp list of drivers the multitouch track pad one as I had only excecuted
    the trackpad installer and had to go in the Devices and settings to update
    the driver in the hardware list (I found online).

    Overall , minus the issue with the Windows Update possibly being corrupt,
    I think Window 8 is working fine on the MacBook. I was able to remain connected
    using wireless connection for a while until I got tired of the update issues.
    I just think I may need to do another clean install and make sure my downloads are
    not corrupt transferring over the internet and that the machine does not freeze in
    the middle of one and an update. All else seems fine.
    I have a pretty reliable internet connection with Comcast, but I think if I do this
    again, I will go to my alma mater (Illinois Institute of Technology) and get wired ethernet
    there for a better and faster internet connection. Or I could choose some other
    academic setting.

  40. Terrance says

    I also have an urge to get that $500 touch screen display
    just to see if I can connect the monitor to the Macbook
    using the thunderbolt to whatever connector (DVI, HDMI or VGA
    as I have all three) to see if I can swipe my hand and touch the
    icons. Hey, it’s only money, but it would be better if I was back
    in the industry (AT&T, Lucent, Motorola) to make the big $
    but they don’t seem to like new-hires and lay them off so easily
    and not assist in finding alternate employment and it seems
    as if I am begging for a job when I go on these interviews and I should
    not have to given the 10 years I did put in before I became disabled.

  41. Terrance says

    I am sorry for my comments: I made a mistake. I was laid off from Telelogic
    which was consulting for Motorola… I left out Telelogic for some reason
    as I was laid off that one within 9 months and with no assistance to
    return to a job left or to find alternate work within the company. Now Telelogic
    is a part of IBM which recently, after some major struggle, sent me my employment
    records archived as Telelogic no longer exists.

  42. Terrance says

    I decided to wait as this past Friday, my cousin’s son put the Windows 8 Pro
    Upgrade Preview on his Macbook. With a little assistance from me (having
    the drivers for Windows Support –I forgot I had the DVD with me so he had
    to mount his own .ISO file but was there to verify the download was complete
    and not corrupt), he was able to successfully install the upgrade. The only
    issue was the trackpad did not work and he used my flash drive with the
    TrackPad drivers to fix that. What was left was whether he got the bottom
    right click to work as it was nearing his parental curfew and we had to
    rap things up as we had accomplished a lot to get things going for him.

    So I will be in touch with my 2nd cousin to see if he experiences the same issues
    with the error codes I am seeing after the downloaded upgrades. If he experiences
    the same issue, there is no need start all over, even though I may do so anyway.
    If he does not see any errors then it means that I was just unfortunate to experience
    a computer freeze as an update was being applied and I will start from scratch.

    Overall Windows 8 has been quite good apart from not being able to perform this
    last update. It works well with the Macbook and did not crash. I was on for 6 hours
    until a proper shutdown.

    Although I still see some quirkiness like in Windows 7,
    I give thumbs up to Windows 8 Pro on Macbook based on the ease of linking 2 of my
    stereo Bluetooth headsets that I had more difficulty in Windows 7 on the Macbook

  43. Terrance says

    Well I guess there is no more to do. I am successfully using
    Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Preview on the MacBook. I am happy with it
    so far.
    I still see some quirks that were in Windows 7, “not responding” messages
    and Google Chrome browser seems a little slow when scrolling and I am
    still seeing some trackpad issues when doing a remote desktop into
    a Windows 7 computer. Those issues are minor and I am using Windows 8 more
    as it is not freezing the computer anymore.

    I am not sure about this talk about purchasing Windows Media Center,
    but I am currently playing a video using Roxio Creator Pro CinePlayer.

    I still have not opened the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade as I decide which
    computer to put it on and I will wait until the Preview expires before
    I make the next move on the Mac.

    Success I think. I am happy with this, surprisingly.

    Thank you for your assistance.

      • Terrance Curry says

        About that brightness issue. I decided to reapply the boot camp drivers.
        The monitor became bright again afterward. But later it dimmed again.
        So I will fiddle around with the Mac downloaded drivers from boot camp.
        It is a minor issue given the overall success of installing and using
        Windows 8. I and maybe others started off with low expectations of its
        compatibility on the Mac. However, I believe it has met and even
        exceeded expectations (reminds me of my job performance appraisals at AT&T/Lucent
        ages ago — now “retired” not by choice but by lay off as company did not see
        the value but an expense (new-hire) that needed to be eliminated).

        Have a good day.

      • Terrance Curry says

        So far things are still going well with Windows 8 on the MacBook.
        My only issue now is it seems the updates are working fine or better.
        I did not see the error message; however, after some 9 security
        updates just a few minutes ago that were downloaded and applied,
        the reboot or restart took too long. Actually restarting always seems
        to take too long. It is better for me to shut the computer down
        and restart (and not forgetting to press the Option key going to Mac side).

        I am not sure if the restarting hangs are due to that prior machine
        shutdown or freeze during an update.

        One other problem is that when the machine boots into Windows mode
        in that first screen to enter PIN or Password, the keyboard is not lit
        and it seems the Function key to activate the keyboard light brightness
        does not work immediately. This is only bad at night , like right now
        as I work late on this (production support memories at AT&T — 3 to 4 AM
        calls to get the system running again).

        Well thank you. I am not sure why I am posting here anymore because
        I do not see too many major issues porting this Windows 8 to the MacBook.
        I am this close -> || <– to opening the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade package
        still sealed. I may wait until this Preview expires…

      • Terrance says

        Everything or most things are going well.

        The only issues I have are

        Chrome browser sometimes hangs when I attempt to scroll down or it is not as
        responsive as I would like. I have to minimize the window or go somewhere else
        then come back to the browser and the bar has been scrolled down and I can
        control with the mouse again.

        I find it a bit difficult to get to the Search, Settings, Devices, etc.
        menu on the right side as you swipe your hand over to the right.
        It is a little frustrating as it seems to be random how I do eventually
        get to it. I think I mastered how to swipe finger down to the left
        to get to the Start menu and right click down to get to the All Apps

        I kind of miss the Start->All Programs->

        I find the applications in the Start window (Windows 8 mode) to be
        a bit cluttered and they are categorized but I would prefer all the
        applications to be in alphabetical order as before with Windows 7.
        I just have to navigate the different categories and I have not
        memorized them yet.

        The screen keeps dimming, who knows. It is fine now as it is daylight
        but at night who knows? I guess we are to do our work during the day
        (or I did so before I was laid off from Telelogic/Motorola rare instances
        work done at night, overtime) so this is all for naught.

        Now, I may want to do something else when I reinstall everything and
        start fresh. I want to put Ubuntu Linux on the Windows partition on the
        Macbook. I think I can pull this off and if I do, I would have 3 operating
        systems on the Macbook. I know with Windows 7 there was that Windows
        boot loader and execute the Linux operating system within the Windows
        environment to install on a blank Windows or allocated partition.
        I am thinking to try the same thing here next time. I just have to juggle
        with the hard disk partition sizes again. I gave 150 GB to Windows 8 so
        only 20 GB is necessary, I guess I can divide that up …100 GB for Windows 8
        and 50 GB for Ubuntu as I think Ubuntu needs 10 GB.

      • Terrance Curry says

        Okay, I am blocked
        I cannot seem to add my Brother MFC 9970CDW or other brother
        network scanners. I was able to connect the printing.
        I can scan using the USB connected and thought that would
        somehow keep the drivers on the machine. But once I unplugged
        the USB and went back to attempt scanning via network, I get
        errors and it cannot find drivers. Brother does not seem to
        have anything in place.

        I hope I will be able to network scan again like I did
        using Windows 7. I even tried downloading the Windows 7
        drivers and software for the printers from Brother and
        I get an error message saying the drivers are incompatible
        as it detects Windows 8.

        • Terrance Curry says

          From Brother on network scanning in Windows 8

          John: Thanks for your patience Terrance. Scanning over a network connection is not supported using the built-in drivers supplied with Windows 8; you will need to connect the MFC directly to your computer with a USB cable to enable scanning. A Windows 8-compatible version of the MFL Pro Suite software (Control Center, PC-Fax sending/receiving, network scanning, etc.) is currently scheduled for release in early march for the MFC-9840CDW and early February for the MFC-9970CDW.

          • Tuan Do says

            Oh what a shame.
            So you will have to wait for more 4 months to get the driver? They should start working earlier to catch up with the Windows 8 release.

        • Terrance says

          Well I will see if I can connect the printer USB to my
          router (Cisco Linksys EA4500) and try to use the printerserver
          capability. I am not sure if the scanning will work that
          was as I never tried this. I only connected the hard drive
          to that port.

          Now if I can get another copy of Windows 8 Pro Upgrade at
          a discount. :) and not open that one up too as the current one
          is still sealed. :)
          Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased with this version of Windows 8.
          I like the statistics shown when copying files as I was doing a back up.
          This port or upgrade went extremely well given the initial expectations.

          Once I get a report hopefully from my 2nd cousin (he is not too
          committed to Windows being a Mac person) about the upgrades, I may
          open the box and I will do a fresh reinstall and I may try to get
          Ubuntu Linux on the Windows partition if Windows 8 will allow that
          as Windows 7 did.
          If you have any thoughts on that as I stated earlier, please share
          as I don’t want to waste time unnecessarily.

          Tuan, thank you so much for helping me get to this Preview. I will
          continue to use this as long as Windows will allow me then
          I can open the package I have and perhaps just enter the product key
          if I do not reinstall everything first and start fresh. Time on my hands.

          Take care all.

          • Terrance says

            Of course another way to possibly scan on the Windows 8
            computer is to link to the printer/scanner via one of
            my server computers (Sony namely) that is connected
            two ways (network and USB). Maybe I can scan via the
            server computer someway. When I have time as it is not
            pressing. That is why I have the Mac side, right?

  44. Terrance says

    I have a question, why is the brightness on this a bit dull?
    I think I raised the laptop and the display was brighter for
    a brief moment then it went back dim. I have increased the
    brightness to the max but it is still quite dull.

    Any suggestions?


  45. Terrance Curry says

    I am thinking to “repartition” the hard drive on Windows 8. I have not done
    this before and I may take a risk, but who cares as I feel like doing a
    fresh install anyway.

    What are your thoughts about shrinking the Windows 8 partition and perhaps I
    can allocate the other to Ubuntu as the DVD or CD burned is ready to go
    12. 04? for Ubuntu if it has not been updated recently?
    So my current Windows 8 partition is 150, I may shrink it by 50 GB and
    use 50 GB for Ubuntu Linux?

    Or I will re-install everything and use the Windows 8 or 7 whatever to
    allow Windows to allocate the size of the partition on its Mac partition
    allocated area and then install Ubuntu Linux from within the Windows
    Total disk space 750 GB
    (600 GB for Mac, (100 GB for Windows 7 or 8 and (50 GB for Ubuntu) ) )

    Reminds me of Lisp, Scheme (recursion) (did I complete the closing of the
    and / or those porcelain nesting dolls.

  46. Terrance says

    I thought everything was fine with the updates. The last few yesterday worked
    and were applied. However, today I am seeing an error code again.
    Maybe I will shut down and try again.

    Still good, I downloaded some apps : Dictionary, Intrix Traffic report
    indicator, Live Mail, Wikipedia , SkyScanner, and others.


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    Learn more about common problems with installing Windows updates, and steps you can take to solve them to help keep Windows up to date.

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    Help home | Browse help | Contact support

    Search results for “WindowsUpdate_80073712 OR WindowsUpdate_dt000″‎ (1)

    Troubleshoot problems with installing updates

    Learn more about common problems with installing Windows updates, and steps you can take to solve them to help keep Windows up to date.

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    • Tuan Do says

      Yeah sure Douglas,
      It is possible and the easiest way to make a clone of BootCamp partition is using the Disk Utility application on your Mac. Save the clone image on an external hard drive so that you can restore on your new MacBook later.
      Hope it helps.

  47. Terrance says

    Windows 8 worked great last night and this morning. Since it is Friday, dress down day,
    I will work with Mac.
    I still need to test out a USB 3.0 card for the Express Card slot to see if that works well.
    it connected and a USB 3.0 hard drive was connected and recognized. I started a transfer
    of data but there was some hardware error and the computer froze. I will try again…
    This USB 3.0 Express Card controller is not compatible on the Mac side unfortunately
    or I do not think so as Apple told me but did work in Windows 7.

    Nothing to report now until perhaps the next few days this weekend as I may consider
    reinstalling fresh and try that partitioning thing to see if I can get Linux (Ubuntu)
    on the Windows partition on the Macbook and I can boot into Ubuntu via the Windows 7 or 8
    boot loader (the choice of operating systems).

    • Tuan Do says

      Well I haven’t tried installing Linux on Bootcamp but I think there is no reason it wouldn’t work. Just backup carefully.
      I remember that Linux will take over the boot loader and it could make the booting more complicated on Mac.

      • Terrance says

        You’re right , that GRUB can take over the boot loader as I have it on the computer my mom
        is using and Windows 7 is secondary (the computer she has has 2 hard drives and why
        I configured it that way –GRUB the main boot loader.

        It is decided, I will install it on the Windows partition and let windows deal with it as
        I have it on another computer with only 1 hard drive.

        So I will have the Mac use boot camp like currently to install Windows and once
        Windows is on and hopefully I can partition the allotted space there into using
        Windows and then Linux there if that makes sense.

        Total space is 750 GB

        Mac will use boot camp and reserved partitions of 600 GB for Mac
        and 150 GB for Windows whatever ( 7 or 8).
        Once Windows is being installed, use the Windows partition
        tool to partition into 2 sections 100 GB for Windows and have an extra 50 GB.
        Once Windows is established , I run the Ubuntu now 12.10? wubi.exe file
        within Windows and let Windows use its boot loader and there will be a choice
        of Windows and Linux and put Ubuntu on the 50 GB reserved space.

        Ideally that sounds right.

        The back up has already been done so that is no issue there , just there could
        be only an inconvenience if something goes wrong. :) The data are backed up on
        the Mac twice even as I usually do a mass copy of the important data areas and that
        is on some Blu-Ray or DVD or combination already in addition to an old hard drive
        for the Time Machine back up I did recently. Redundancy, maybe costly overhead
        but it is better to be safe than sorry.

        Thank you so much and for the reminder, Tuan.

        All have a good weekend.

  48. Vincent from Computer Tips says

    I have installed 90 days trial version of Windows 8 Enterprise Edition on my MBP. Is there any way to convert it to Win8 pro? I wish I could download win8 pro from somewhere, I would try installing on my iMac too.

    • Tuan Do says

      Hi Vincent.
      You can try installing the Windows 8 Release Preview. Download links are given above somewhere in my comment. Then you can try it on your iMac before upgrading to Windows 8 Pro.

  49. Terrance says

    I think I saw a video how to install 3 operating systems on the MacBook.
    what I noticed about one of those was that they reserved putting Linux/Ubuntu
    on the Windows Partition perhaps using bootcamp somehow so my idea of
    have 3 operating systems showing after hitting the option key may not be ideal.
    So the option key will show Mac/Os and Windows and the Ubuntu is installed
    there either by Windows environment or somehow boot Ubuntu and let it install
    its GRUB boot loader on the Windows partition separate from the Mac as not
    not corrupt the Mac/OS partition. Let Ubuntu/GRUB affect the Windows part
    and that seems fine with me.

    When I get to it, I will just have to repartition everything I think using
    Windows initial install process and get a calculator to size things right.
    Maybe I will both Windows and Ubuntu partitions equal size of 75 GB each
    and be done with it.

    Other than that, nothing eventful has happened with Windows 8 except
    I was able to install a Motorola Bluetooth USB dongle where I had problems
    installing on a Windows 7 machine (Sony) (bluetooth drivers conflict
    that seemed easier to install in Windows 8 on the Macbook).
    Because of this, I may advance the installation of Windows 8 on the Sony
    very soon.

  50. Terrance says

    Google Chrome problems?

    Is it just I or is anyone else having lag with using Google Chrome
    in Windows 8? I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and for
    me, maybe it is just my bad luck like keeping a job getting laid off
    in 4 to 9 months, the browser seems sluggish, non responsive to
    when I attempt to scroll up or down and sometimes hangs when attempting
    to navigate to a website.
    Solution: I just have to minimize the window and bring it back and
    it seems to fix the problem.
    OR I just go to another browser if I am impatient and need to go to
    the website immediately… This is why I keep 7 to 8 browsers handy,
    when one crashes or gives me that “Not Responding” message, I just
    don’t have time for that …. and I go to the next browser to get
    work (or so I think this is) done.

    Thank you, it seems no one is responding to me due to my verbosity…
    It happened at work too… either I covered everything on the project
    issues and there was nothing more to say, I was asked to move to the
    next project as no more issues with the current or previous one.
    I probably caused my own downsizing or lay off as they did not need
    me as everything was done and no questions needed to be asked of me


    • Tuan Do says

      Hi Terrance,
      Actually I see you are verbose but with great expertise. It is not easy to find those knowledgeable people nowadays. :)
      Btw, I don’t have any issue with Google Chrome on Windows 8. I am using it as my primary browser since I upgraded to Windows 8.

  51. Terrance says

    Okay, I will try better with Chrome. I just experienced the problem
    again. For me it does not seem responsive for a moment and I keep
    clicking and nothing happens until I realize, oh I need to minimize
    this and bring it back and all is fine as I am using Chrome now
    to send this message.

    I feel comfortable with Windows 8 to finally open the package to install on
    a Sony machine. It has been sealed this long I find it hard to open it
    as I continue to look at its shiny plastic.

      • Terrance says

        Oh I am so sorry, I lost focus. The purpose here is to talk about
        Windows 8 on a Mac product . So I will add …

        I feel comfortable to officially install a Windows 8 on the MacBook too
        or rather use the product key to activate officially another Windows 8.

        As far as using VMware, forgive my lack of knowledge on this, but that
        would require me to purchase something else like for parallels?
        Or perhaps some of this is free software. I should read through your articles
        but for me I keep it simple for myself and just use boot camp.
        I just have to remember to press the Option button as I keep Mac/OS as
        the primary operating system and I tend not to use boot camp to toggle the
        mode between the two (Mac and Windows).
        I only wish there was a boot loader screen like after you hit the
        Option key that would boot into and give you that choice (like with
        Windows boot loader or GRUB for Ubuntu/Linux).

        So just tell me this: VMware is free? I don’t want to get it confused with
        parallels that costs and I had thought that was supported somewhat by Apple
        but was told I believe it was no longer sold at the Apple store.

        I may also need to get a copy or buy a copy of Apple Remote Desktop
        if that could be of use to remote log in to Windows-based machines.
        For me sometimes the RDC (Remote Desktop Client) seems to hang.

  52. Terrance says

    Okay I went to the link you provided and it went to Amazon to purchase.
    For now, I am satisfied with boot camp and do not think I need to spend
    more money on this ( or maybe I could consider asking a friend who could
    be a sponsor of sorts ). These things are for those who are really in the
    industry as I am just a home user and not in the fast paced technical
    computer field as done long ago (put -forced- out to retirement).

    Thank you.

    • Tuan Do says

      I’m sorry for that. There is another virtual machine app that you can use for free on your Mac. That is Oracle VM Virtualbox. Some people installed the Windows 8 Release Preview successfully on Virtualbox but I am not sure about the Pro version.
      If you still have issue on your Macbook, you can give it a try.

      • Terrance says

        Nothing much new with Windows 8 over the holiday.

        I saw something to get was it Media Center for $9.99.

        I guess I should get that, right? I was able to play DVDs using Roxio
        and some other software. I might want to see if I can tune TV and radio
        stations with one of my Hauppauge, El Gato or Pinnacle TV/radio adapters
        running Windows Media Center (Pinnacle and Hauppauge have their own
        software that ran under Windows 7) and that is about it.

        • Tuan Do says

          Hi Terrance,
          If you have upgraded to Windows 8 Pro, you can upgrade it for free. I posted the link somewhere above. I don’t play DVDs much as using video streaming services is more convenient and cheaper for me, so I almost do not use Media Center at all.
          There were some good deals I found in the last few days, such as the Parallels app for free (with rebate) or some Windows 8 machine. Unfortunately the Microsoft Surface is not included.

          • Terrance says

            Oh thank you for the reminder that it is free. I think I saw something pop up that
            advertised I could get something Media Center at a cost of $9.99. The reason why
            I did not click it was that I want to reinstall everything on the Sony machine
            as I was still having issues with the Bluetooth. So I want to, when I have time,
            perform a restore of the OS on the Sony, probably it ran Vista before I added 7 to
            do the Windows 8 update. Once I get the bluetooth things either deleted for the old
            and added for the new or perhaps I will upgrade to Windows 8 again and try

            Also I am looking for a touchscreen display that is affordable: I have a few leads
            that I want to try out before I consider reinstalling everything and starting fresh
            and new. (Time on my hands).

            And about the Macbook, I am letting the Preview play out and I will get to making
            that official when the time comes. Also if I have time, I may reinstall everything there
            to make room for the extra partition to somehow add Ubuntu Linux on the Windows
            partition (either use Windows’ Boot Loader -easier- or GRUB — I have to research and decide
            which is better).

            Thank you.

          • Terrance says

            I have used the Mac side for most of this week and Windows 8 on a Sony
            I am revamping.
            Even though my cousin, I mentioned in the aforementioned comments, may not
            be impressed with Windows 8 on his Macbook, I am alone again with this
            in regard to the updates that are giving error codes I mentioned.
            I am still using Preview
            and maybe things will change once I activate the product key (in time).

            Just a question, I guess it is obvious I cannot get this free
            Media Center until I have activated a valid, purchased key as I tried with
            using the original Preview key and it did not seem to work.
            I was trying not to open the other Windows 8 package but benefit
            from and explore Windows Media if I can.
            But if you feel I can use Windows Media Center in the interim before
            applying a purchased product key, let me know , even if you do not
            seem to be a fan of it.
            I can play DVDs using some other software (Roxio and I think MyDVD).
            I would be interested in Media Center to test out the TV tuners
            I have to tune in television stations and radio stations (FM).
            (ElGato and Pinnacle support both TV/Radio and Hauppauge with TV).
            I have too many devices (unnecessary redundancy).

            As for the Sony, I was having some problems with a USB Bluetooth
            adapter I want to add (cellphone works and transfers data, but
            stereo headsets are not working even after being paired).
            So my plan is to erase everything on the Sony and start all over
            using the recovery partition and put the computer back to
            factory settings (probably was Windows Vista before I installed
            7) — then I will upgrade again to Windows 8 Pro from there.
            After that I can download the free Windows Media Center (if it is still
            or it is $9.99).

            I am trying to secure a touch screen monitor too and for a good price
            (I have some leads and for under $400 if not under $300)
            and I will be pretty much done with this and will be satisfied
            with Windows 8.

        • Tuan Do says

          Hi Terrance,
          I don’t know any way that you can try the Media Center before upgrading to Windows 8 Pro. Grab the key soon because the offer will expire in January.
          I believe you should upgrade on your Sony instead of Macbook. There are still some issues running Windows 8 on Mac.

          • Terrance Curry says

            I agree. The thing is I did not want to change the topic here in
            focusing on the Sony too much as the focus of this forum is for
            installing Windows 8 on some Apple/Mac (Macbook) Product.

            That said, I did open one of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade packages
            and used the product key to install on the Sony. I am sure I can
            add Windows Media Center here and thank you for that deadline
            I think I saw that and said I have time. Right now I want to
            revamp the Sony back to factory settings to see if it resolves some
            minor bluetooth issue I am having pairing with some headsets.
            But really, since it is being used as a desktop replacement (stationary
            server), why not just get corded headphones and be done with it,
            really? I complicate things for myself with these things.
            I just like to try to get everything that can be added, connected
            to work (like I do not need wireless on this computer as using
            ethernet LAN is sufficient).

            So in the coming days I will restore the Sony (back to Vista?) and upgrade again
            to Windows 8 and hopefully it will go as smoothly as upgrading it
            from the Windows 7. I hope I do not have to call Microsoft to use the
            same product key after the fresh install and subsequent upgrade.

            Once the Sony is in working order, then I will download the free
            Windows Media Center on it.

            I just wanted to try Windows Media Center on the Macbook while it is
            still running the Preview version and that may not be possible.
            I have to revamp that too on the Macbook as you recall I want to add another
            partition (Windows side) to add Ubuntu there (perhaps using GRUB on the
            Windows partition or let Windows boot loader take care of it, but it could
            be more challenging (a risk taker) doing it the former way (Ubuntu/GRUB
            take control and it will see Windows as the other operating system
            like I have it on the computer my mom uses with Windows as the default in GRUB).

            Thank you for your advice and warning of the deadline for this free download.
            Oh you said expire in January, I thought I saw January 31st ,please confirm
            unless it is January 1st? I had better get a move on it as December 1st is
            in a few hours.

          • Terrance says

            Touch screen works great … had to do nothing but
            connect to Macbook.

            The Sony is out of commission, did something with Windows 8
            like powering down or hard shut down several times may have
            messed up Windows 8. It went to some repair or recovery
            and it can’t repair. I am reinstalling the original OS on the
            Sony anyway so no loss (data were backed up well prior to this).
            It is a matter of losing time. I will get to this later.
            I will try to install a spare Windows Vista and go to 8
            from there.

            Back to touch screen, I have the Dell one for a fair price under
            $300. What more can I do apart from restoring the Sony? and
            applying a bought product key to officially activate Windows 8 on
            the Mac? I am not having too many issues on the Mac that you
            stated? Can you share any problems that I am not seeing now
            other than the minor update problem? I am over the Macbook
            crashing, rebooting suddenly or just hanging. I am not experiencing
            this behavior in a long while. I kind of like Windows 8 on the Mac.

          • Terrance Curry says

            Well, there is a possible added bonus with Dell touchscreen
            monitor on the Mac side. There is some connectivity or
            response when I touch the screen in certain areas but a bit
            more difficult than using it on the Windows 8 side.

            I did not expect this much touching the screen on Mac.
            So , is there compatibility on Mac with this touchscreen
            from Dell? Dell ST2220T

          • Terrance Curry says

            I did not state why I was impatient to shut the Sony down
            the proper way. I was communicating with Sony as to perform
            a restore using the recovery partition on the drive. Sony said
            to press F10 and after a few missed attempts of the computer
            being rebooted into Windows 8, I thought my time with the
            Sony support was limited and timed and I had no time to wait
            for proper shutdown to start over. So I did hard resets, power off
            to start over to hit the F10 key in time. Maybe F10 puts
            the computer into a Windows 8 recovery or repair mode?

            In any case, maybe, since a friend gave me this computer, maybe
            that partition was damaged or erased as I could not perform a
            recovery. However Windows 8 seems to be stuck and I am not sure
            if that is a problem to be investigated further for those who may
            not shut down their computers properly using the hard shutdown

            I was going to reinstall or attempt to recover back to Vista (I learned
            from Sony who looked at the specifications on the 2008 computer
            and it is out of warranty– I thought I would take that angle
            to no success :) ).

            There can be some more use out of this computer still once I get the
            optical drive to work consistently and the OS reinstalled. The Dell touchscreen
            monitor is waiting once Windows 8 is back and running. meanwhile the touchscreen
            is wonderful on Windows 8 on the Macbook. I just have to get used to some
            finger and hand motions on the display. I am learning. And so for a mere
            $300 (touchscreen) $40 (Windows 8), I will have an updated machine potentially with
            touch screen capability.
            Is that a good deal?

          • Terrance says


            After having some issues with shutting down
            Windows 8 on the Sony as I was trying to deal with
            Sony to perform a system recovery back to Vista
            and the factory settings using some other
            partition on the hard drive– I was told to hit
            F10 key for recovery that was unsuccessful &
            I had problems with Windows 8 booting in repair
            mode and it seemed to be in a loop to repair or
            shut down as the options,
            I did an entire reinstall of Vista and successfully
            upgraded yet again to Windows 8 and without having
            to apply all the updates on Vista first.
            I think Windows 8 gets everything, but time will

            More importantly the Bluetooth adapter
            I had issues fully installing and pairing with
            stereo headset worked this time. As I type this
            I am listening to audio on one of the headsets.

            I will rest now and connect the touch screen
            monitor later which I feel will be a success
            since it connected so well with the MacBook
            (Windows 8 side).

            I do not anticipate any problems. Also on the
            MacBook, I am not (or I do not think I am) experiencing any Windows 8
            problems for a while — though when I get more
            time, I will do a full reinstall there just to
            make room and a partition to accommodate
            Ubuntu Linux on the Windows partition and leaving
            the Mac partition in tact.
            Please share any problems I am just not seeing
            ever since the computer freezes ages ago and I have
            forgotten about…

            Success indeed!

          • Terrance says

            I just tried to get a key for Windows Media Center and I am not
            getting one sent. I will check again. It did say the key could
            arrive within 72 hours. I hope I processed this properly
            as I am expecting an email containing a product key for WMC to
            the email I am using for the Windows 8 installation (one of
            my 4 Hotmail and sister accounts-> Hotmail, msn, live and outlook).
            I thought I could activate something by using the product key
            given with the Windows package.

    • Tuan Do says

      Congrats, Terrance.
      Finally you can enjoy Windows 8 Pro on your laptop. I am still not a fan of touch screen desktop or notebook. Some recent research shows that suspending your arms in mid air to touch the screen can cause the mess like carpal tunnel syndrome that many people got when using mouse and keyboard improperly. I’d never follow something that could affect the health.
      Regarding to the Media Center key, I think you will get it soon. I received the key just after 1 day. :)

      • Terrance says

        Of course I am still using Preview version on MacBook and that could
        soon change.

        I have the full version Windows Pro on the Sony and in time I will move
        the touch screen monitor there.

        All I need is that product key whenever it arrives, I am waiting considering
        I executed the request correctly — or I will try again.

        I have a Hauppauge TV/FM tuner (HVR 1950?) connected USB to this computer (Sony)
        and want to see if Windows Media Center can tune TV and FM signals like I did
        under Windows 7.

        As far as the touch screen, I can return it within 30 days but I guess
        I have updated (revamped) the Sony at least with this technology as I see
        some of my clients who have touch screens systems (HP, Dell) and I believe they
        spent much more than I have.

        • Tuan Do says

          Hi Terrance,
          Probably it will take a few days. You can contact Microsoft if you don’t receive the key within 1 week.

          • Terrance Curry says

            Alright, I applied for it again and if I did it properly
            I should receive 1 or 2 keys?? and within 3 days.
            I applied again last night as I connected the touch screen
            monitor to the Sony and things work fine.
            HDMI did not show a good picture or the screen was not
            full, but maybe I should have rebooted.
            Before I tested HDMI connection again, I switched to the
            VGA and it shows better after the reboot.

            I am blocked by not getting this WMC to test my TV / FM radio

            That’s about it.

            I contacted Microsoft before and it encouraged me to return Windows 8 ,
            remember? I will just wait for the full 72 hours (3 days) and if I
            do not get it, I will just take it Microsoft is not serious and
            does not follow through with or keep promises (kind of like the work environment
            the manager (to or with a lesser degree) says your job is safe and you get
            laid off right afterward and the boss survives).

            Next on my list could be the Surface tablet and that should do it.

          • Terrance says

            I received the product key to activate Windows Media Center.
            All work (I may have to do something integrating Antenna Digital TV
            and Cable). I may have to reconfigure (cable channels came through
            but I did something and now not, but my requirement was really for
            the Antenna TV channels (digital) and FM radio both work so I am
            satisfied. This nearly completes my testing (Sony).

            I will or may revisit the Macbook and do that all over to get Ubuntu.

            Question: I was wondering if I could get another key for Windows Media
            Center (not sure I can reuse what was sent) for the Preview or if
            I open the second Windows 8 Pro upgrade (still sealed), since that
            is another product key would I qualify for WMC product key for it
            separate from the one I already have? I did use different hotmail
            email address for the Macbook ( ( for Sony).

            I want to do this right but get as much benefit for free as I can.
            Otherwise I guess I can give Microsoft $10 for their efforts for
            creating a much better operating system in Windows 8. Actually others
            I have encountered still have negative views and reviews of Windows 8.
            Maybe I am not seeing all the problems if any, but everything is coming
            up roses here in my limited environments: touch screen works, bluetooth
            works, Hauppauge TV and FM tuner works (antenna and cable signals),
            sound card works (Creative Sound Blaster 2 NX Audigy), what more can
            I ask from Windows?

            Please inform me of the problems you may be seeing that I am not now?

            Well if I re-install on the MacBook, maybe I will see those initial
            problems again (crashing, stalling, hanging) ? But really I have not
            had those problems in a while and there is just the upgrade issue
            not updating or giving cryptic error codes that I just ignore now.

            Please feel free to send me email on anything I should know
            or should watch out for (warn me).

            Thank you so much. I am enjoying my Windows 8 experience …until …
            or maybe I just don’t know better

            Oh yes, I am having problems with Google Chrome browser in Windows 8.
            sometimes I try to click something else or go to another page and it
            stalls, but then I have to realize, I need to minimize the window and
            restore it and miraculously it is on the page I wanted it to go.
            I just cannot explain this behavior even after removing Chrome and
            re-installing. Just a little quirk.

      • Terrance says

        I forgot to add, The Desktops under the systinternals Windows project
        seems to work better under Windows 8 than it did in Windows 7.
        So if you want to create I think up to 4 (max) desktops like one can
        on The Mac, you can do so here and it seems to work better. before I had
        problems of I could not stay within a desktop without it reverting to the
        main one (desktop 1). You can organize your work into one or all of the 4 quadrants.
        I am not sure if one can create more than 4 desktops like you can with Mac.

        Windows 8 the desktop (2, 3 or 4) seems to remain static and not go back
        to desktop 1 after a certain amount of time.

        I am listing a link to the sysinternals website where there are other tools
        for example: process monitoring, analyzing tcp/ip and IP addresses attaching/connecting
        to computer (network), process explorer and other tools (reminding of UNIX)
        (file system tools).
        Maybe Windows 8 has integrated some of this but it can be looked into if interested.

        • Terrance says

          I spoke too soon.

          I am seeing the same behavior running SysInternals’ Desktops program within
          Windows 8 (desktop mode) as I saw in Windows 7 (after all the desktop mode in
          Windows 8 looks and behaves similarly as Windows 7?).

          When attempting to work in one of the desktops other than the first (1),
          it reverts back to desktop 1. Perhaps there was something I was running
          that required it to go back to the first desktop (I was playing audio files
          with either iTunes or Windows Media Player and that caused it to switch
          desktop from another where I was trying to run something else, maybe
          Windows Media Center to watch TV).

          Another problem I noticed is that when one is in one of the desktops
          2, 3 or 4, one cannot move the cursor to the corner or side to invoke
          the settings or Windows 8 menu to control things or see the start menu.
          I have to always go back to Desktop 1 (the main one) to get the Start
          menu or the click in the corner or side to see the other menus
          (Settings, Search, Devices, etc.).

          It would be nice to find something like Desktops in Mac or Sun Workstation
          to separate applications running in different windows to help
          prevent clutter. Although I did see I can extend the window and use
          the laptop’s main display as Display 1 and the touch screen as Display 2
          just have to move the mouse (cursor) over to the left to get to Display 2…
          That seems to work and one can get to the Start and Settings menus
          that way. I was trying to use one display though mainly the touch screen
          as it is 21 or 22 inches.

          I hope this is still on subject.

  53. Terrance says

    Maybe I will try it. I am not in the field to know the advantage of this.
    Do you think it will run Windows better if I used this Oracle VM whatever?
    I may have occupied (was going to use another word) my time (lots of time)
    already doing this upgrade and install and for me
    to consider doing this all over, there is hopefully some promise that
    I will see an improvement over all? Maybe I could learn something new
    but more likely it is will be like reinventing the wheel anyway.

    A professor friend of mine who deals with this stuff sent me his comments on
    this and I will read over those to see if it is worth my time to do this.
    I will say this, the computers at a local community college running something
    like this did seem to operate better with their Windows 7 environment.
    It was a class I sat in on briefly for Linux and installing ?Fedora? Linux on
    that. I had some install problems and got discouraged 2nd day of class so
    I got a refund and had other things to do personally. :)

    Maybe I can revisit this on my own time and if it is free. Now I remember there
    was some mention of Oracle and you know what, I signed up for an account
    there to get this a year or so back. I just forgot about it. Maybe I downloaded
    something in regard to this. I may explore…

  54. CJD says

    Tuan – question for you. I see you had a keyboard issue after installing windows 8. I have the same issue – the control characters and other keys are working – except the alphabet. I am running under Fusion 5 and did an upgrade of windows 7 to 8. At first – everything worked fine until an immediate windows update – then – I had issues logging in under windows 8 as I couldnt type my password. I did some manipulating and got into the OS – created a guest account with no password and also enabled picture password. Bottom line – I can log in and out now (no password typed) and when I get into the OS – the keyboard doesnt work except for special keys. I know the keyboard is recognized but cant type letters.

    Did you resolve your problem as of yet? If so – how? Thanks in advance…


    • Tuan Do says

      Hi Charlie,
      I don’t have the problem with keyboard anymore after using Fusion.
      Have you tried disabling Boot Camp driver at C:\Windows\system32\drivers\KeyAgent.sys or just uninstall it.

  55. Terrance says

    I am back to using Windows 8 Pro on the MacBook still Preview version.
    I received another key to activate Windows Media Center on the Macbook
    but I guess I cannot apply it as the Preview version is still running
    and maybe when I apply an official bought product key on the Macbook’s
    Windows 8, I can use the new WMC key.

    Of course I am going or I am planning to reinstall everything on the
    Macbook to make room for the Ubuntu Linux, maybe I will get to it this

    (I went to yet another computer (Dell 32bit) running Windows 7 to test a touch screen
    monitor HP’s and Windows 7 was so slow and lagged. I am glad I am using
    Windows 8 and Mac on the MacBook and on the Sony). I wonder if Windows 8
    could be an improvement on the Dell?

    • Tuan Do says

      No Terrance.
      You can’t use that key for Preview version, it works on the Pro version only. Sorry for not replying you promptly, I am drowning in final papers of this semester.
      I am never a fan of big touch screens, it even can decrease productivity in my view. Lots of people bought touch screen monitors and hardly get their hands on the screen. Just my opinions so that you won’t waste money.

      • Terrance says

        Well if you are back… what are your thoughts on Desktops and
        that suite of tools from SysInternals for Windows 8.
        Initially I thought Desktops worked better without reverting to
        the main Desktop #1 while in one of the other 3 Desktops (2, 3, or 4)
        in the quadrant.
        It was working fine but that behavior of going to the first desktop
        reappeared. Maybe it is because I was running something processor
        intensive in desktop 1 like WMC.

        Also, please send me if you can or want a list of problems you mentioned
        of Windows 8 on the Mac. I am not seeing any issues other than the
        problem with update errors that does not affect performance. I still see
        some old Windows 7 quirks , but that is to be expected as really this
        is just Windows 7 with a shell around it?

        Feel free to send me email as listed above or

        I would like to see if I can or will have similar problems, but of course
        I am running this off a MacBook Pro 17″ and maybe there are different
        problems or issues with other Mac products (iMac, other MacBooks …)

        Thank you in advance

        I am doing another back up just before the reinstall soon and maybe I will
        experience problems again as described in the past but we know how to
        overcome those.

  56. Terrance says

    That is what I figured. I just wanted to try using my ElGato
    adapter TV/FM card and test out Windows Media Center to tune
    digital Antenna TV and FM signals like I have on my Sony
    with the Hauppauge BVR 1950 USB TV/FM tuner. That works so

    I have another $40 valued Windows 8 Pro (somehow). I have not opened
    it but I am getting closer, very soon perhaps as I revamp the MacBook
    and will do a reinstall of everything to make room for Ubuntu Linux
    on the Windows partition.

    As far as the touch screens, I guess I have 2 clients who got them
    integrated with their CPUs and each one spent about the same amount
    I did with both touchscreens added and they have less flexibility
    (less portable). I will decided if I keep both, one or neither display.
    For the prices I got them, maybe I could make > something in their sales?
    But you’re kind of right, I am not really touching the screen much
    but do just to continue testing. Both Dell and HP touchscreens seem
    to work just fine.

    Next project: Reinstall fresh on MacBook with/ Ubuntu Linux partition
    (if possible) and I should be done — potentially 3 operating systems running
    on the Mac Book…. Wish me luck.

    Thank you.

    • Terrance says

      Though I got behind schedule after a major hiccup with Windows 8 and accommodation
      for Ubuntu Linux on the Mac, I have finally installed 3 operating systems on the
      I lost time by making a mistake (I knew better) in allowing Windows 8 to change
      the integrity of the hard drive and I lost access to the Mac OS Mountain Lion
      partition (boot sector). Eventually I made another change and lost access to the
      main partition even after contacting Apple to do something with Disk Utility
      and Command -R and who knows what else.

      I won’t explain all I went through and what I did to mess things up.
      Fortunately what saved me was that back up I performed late October.
      I think I learned more by erasing the Mac hard drive and how to adjust
      the partitions to play around with that and perhaps getting 3 operating systems
      to show up when you hit the Option key. I tried but Ubuntu Linux’s Grub
      was a bit complicated in this environment than on other Windows machines.

      After some trials and errors and some scares initially and exhaustion/head aches,
      I finally tried to install Ubuntu again on an unallocated partition under
      Windows, but Windows allows only so many partitions and the space I reserved for
      Linux exceeded Windows’ limit.

      I got tired an I was able to have Windows 8 to reclaim the unallocated partition for
      use and I decided to just install Ubuntu on the C drive under Windows. This is not
      how I had envisioned (I wanted a separate partition), but it works and I am
      tired of this until I have more time to explore a better way to do this
      (perhaps with playing with the partitioning under Mac and the Disk Utility more).

      I am now sending this from the Ubuntu environment. All work, the Mac OS is
      back in tact — I have an appointment adjusted from 10AM this morning –
      this afternoon as I figured out how to recover my data and the Mac OS. I want
      to discuss a better way to make a flash to keep the Mac OS Mountain Lion better
      and bootable so I don’t have to use the back up hard drive which saved me last night.
      Most of my documents and pictures are recovered but that data are everywhere anyway,
      The Mac just consolidated things more conveniently. Actually after the reinstall
      The Mac found a lot of the applications and maybe a restore from the Time Machine
      hard drive without me having to (or not knowing) anything.

      Best wishes and Happy Holidays… I am pretty much done with my testing and

  57. Shawn says

    Just installed Wind 8 Pro (purchased) on my MacBook Air. It will not see the wireless capability. Can anyone help?

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