Screen Shot, a technical jargon has in-fact a very simple meaning. It simply means taking a picture of the content in your computer screen or part of the computer screen with some software or some web browser application. The resulting picture is an image file which you can save in any part of your computer to refer later. Screen shots are basically useful to have a snippet of the field you need instead of saving the whole page. It’s a time saving quick and easy tool to work with. Different operating systems have embedded screen shot software. In addition t that numerous software are available online. Now the problem is with so many Screen Shot software available it becomes very difficult to choose the best software that works for you. Here we have listed top five softwares that are hugely popular and very easy to work with. So now you can choose the one that works for you.



Shotty is a very popular screen shot software. The main feature here is that it takes screen shots in Aero glass frame transparency and also shadow. During a screen shot it can also modify the aero glass frame. It also has a inbuilt image editor, so now you can edit the image like sharpen the image, add some text to the image or draw figures like a square or a circle to your image. You might want to share the image on the internet. Using Shotty you can simply do this by one click and it will be uploaded in the net directly. Other key feature include language settings where you can choose any preferred language and also easy to use hotkey feature where u can press hotkeys and a snapshot will be taken. Among the cons the update feature sometimes does not work like expected. Also with Shotty one cannot capture a random shot as with Shotty you can only capture the whole desktop or any window that you are working on currently.


Another screen shot software is the Greenshot. It is a  free open source software so now you get to use all the features for free. The name Greenshot means that once you select an area to get the snapshot that area turns green in color and there is a sound of a camera shutter. Here you can edit the image using four basic hotkeys. The key features of Greenshot is that here you can take quick snapshots and also make comments to them and use various shapes. Though there are some problems like there is no cropping tool which many users may find problematic. Users may find the green colored shot tool unnecessary.

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot captor is another great tool. Apart from being functional in its field like easy capturing of the image where you can easily capture any active part of windows or select some fixed r random region to capture. The key feature here is that the images can be edited beautifully using various effects like using shadows or borders or even frames. Though this software is pretty simple to use users may find it difficult to get used to the software and also the interface seems to be old.

Live Capture

Another great editing software is the Live Capture where you will get to choose more than 12 screen shot capturing modes each of which can be activated with a hotkey. This is very popular among all users and is its key feature. Other interesting feature include a magnifier, GIF animator, ruler, color picker etc. It allows key feature like user can repeat the last captured image or even set timing for the capture of image. Packed with so many features the image editor feature is the only feature that would have made it complete.


Snappy is another widely used software where you can capture any kind of screenshots. It’s easy to use classic software. It is only 10mb space highly organized software. Its key feature is the event capturing mode. The only cons user found in this software is that the edited images were not exported properly and sometimes there can be some language problems that can creep up. But being free software and having the ability to capture decent images its shortcomings can be looked over.

Thus we overviewed the most popular software each with its own pro’s and con’s. It is now for the user to decide which software they will prefer for taking screenshots.


  1. Sanjib i heard about #1 #3 and #4. Even currently i am using Live Capture. Snappy is new for me I would like to give a try . Thanks for sharing this. Great. Amit Shaw

    • Hey Amit, thanks. Snappy is something you should definitely give a try. Snappy has added fracture border effect, drop shadow effect, and transparency mask effect. Try Snappy and share the experience. :)

  2. I’ve been using WinSnap which I like a lot, but unfortunately it’s not free. Snappy sounds pretty good based on your comment above

    Any screen capturing software is better than using a PrintScreen button then cropping the image over (the old style) :)

    • Right Michael. All these softwares are completely free and user friendly.So if you can get them free of cost, why pay for WinShap? I use Snappy, you can give a try too.

    • Those are free tools and they could help you save a lot of time. No more print screen and crop images. 😀