With the passage of time, DDoS attacks and hacking attempts have increased a lot and many people are falling victim to this act and losing their site and valuable data to hackers.

To help people recover their hacked websites, Google has taken an initiative by launching “Help for hacked sites” series that contains number of articles and videos explaining different aspects of why their site was hacked, how it was hacked and how to recover it.

This new series is particularly useful for webmasters. They can read the articles and videos that can save them by getting hacked for the first time and even if they got hacked, how can they recover their site back. The series is also useful for people who own any kind of site that holds some form of data that might be of some importance and can attract hackers.


What Google has in this new Series?

The series is divided into different parts covering different aspects of hacking techniques and how to tackle such activities. The first part is for more novice users that do not know much about technical terms whereas the other part is for advance users that can understand coding in different platforms and can also use counter commands.

Overall, the series consists of 80 minutes of video content and dozens of articles that cover each and everything related to hacking. The topics that were covered include

  • Understanding spam and malware
  • Identifying that your site is actually hacked
  • Understanding SQL Injections
  • Reading and understanding Log files
  • Working with Host Company to recover site

The step initiated by Google is a plan to overcome hacking activities. Google launched a reward program back in 2010 where different people were invited to hack into web servers and hack different sites to see the actual bugs, security leaks and other vulnerable areas in them and then repair them as needed. The actual website address is given at the end of the article

Google’s initiative to launch this program comes to no surprise as more and more companies are getting hacked everyday and losing precious data on daily terms. Google has also made Webmaster Forum for people to share additional information and ask questions regarding hacking activities and share their experiences with other users so that they can protect themselves with such attacks.

Google : Webmasters help for hacked sites