WHO recently listed mobile phones as a cause to cancer. The declaration has made many phone users worried and skeptical, especially when previous researches still express many views and controversies surrounding this issue.

The question if mobile phones could cause cancer or not has become a hot topic when the mobile phones were launched in the late 1970s. Approximately 30 studies have failed to find the relationship. However, a comprehensive study hold last year finds out that there is a slight increase (not very significant in terms of data) in mobile phone users that are at risk for a rare brain cancer called glioma.

In the US, before granting permission to sell mobile phones to the market, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) always check the specific absorption rate, known as SAR and it is measured by watts per kilogram. SAR is not allowed to be higher than 1.6 w/kg and manufacturers must provide a certificate from an independent lab to prove that their products’ SARs are safe. Researchers agree that the lower the SAR is, the less harmful mobile phones can be. CNet has posted a list of phones with high levels of radiation on the market. Let’s check it out and get another phone if you are owning one of them.



  1. The WHO didn’t say phones caused cancer, they said that it couldn’t be proven that they didn’t.

    • I watched the news and the WHO expert said that using mobile phone may increase the risk of brain cancer although it cannot be direct cause. And you are right, the result comes from their studies and hasn’t been scientifically proved yet.

  2. These figures are quite alarming. Though, I am thankful that you have shared this information so we could also have an idea on how hazardous these cell phones are to our health. Sometimes, the health benefits are being overlooked because of the cool cell phone accessories these cell phones may have when in display.